2020 has all around been, well a bit of a weird year, but as we head into the last month of it all, rather than look back pessimistically, we can look back and be stoked about all of the awesome new music that has shapened the last twelve months, and one of those bands is UK alternative outfit, Switchdown.

With the entirety of the band’s further extension being creatives, honing in on their DIY spirit, Switchdown have created not just one, but two videos for their upcoming releases, and we’re exclusively bringing you the first.

-“The ‘Without It’ video is driven by the band’s DIY attitude and the involvement of the extended switchdown family. A collaboration between Harry’s (bassist) brother, star of the ‘Spark’ music video, George Buttery and the band members themselves; with their good friend Mitch Tyrell (who they met at a show) providing creative lighting, plus a few extra close friends helping on the day of the shoot.” Explains the band. “The video was cut and edited by band members, drawing on Sam and Harry’s love of photography. ‘Without It’ is the first of two new tracks to be released by switchdown; the second single is due to be released early next year.”

Check out the first video below:



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