When you combine the minds of members of Every Stranger Looks Like You and Kapitan Korsakov, and then add in the sounds you hear in a demonic moshpit, you can expect to hear sheer brilliance, and the stuff of nightmares. Mostly nightmares

Meet Doodseskader (Belgian for “death squad”) a Belgian duo who want to fill you with fright and have fun while doing so. Created by Tim De Gieter (Amenra and Every Stranger Looks Like You) and Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov and The K.) only three months ago, yes three, Doodseskader are planning on conquering the music world with their trademark sound called “sonic terror”, which is a spine-chilling combination of 90’s grunge and hip hop mixed in with barbarous sounds. 

“the main inspiration for this project was the band we share with each other…”

“The main ‘inspiration’ for this project was the bond we share with each other,” De Gieter said. “We’ve been close friends for the past 17 years and throughout the years we’ve often (jokingly) said that one day we’d create the heaviest band to ever exist, though it never really materialized because both of us were involved in various other projects.”

Doodseskader may have started in September, but its origins were planted in July. Burroughs came over to De Gieter’s place to tell him that he was going to be a dad sometime in December of this year. Given the arrival of his son and the country being under lockdown due to COVID-19, it was the perfect time to start a band since, in Tim’s words, “everything would look different” after all of this. 

The two then began writing songs for what will be their upcoming debut MMXX: Year Zero out December 11. It took them only four hours to write all five bone-crunching tracks and three weeks to record them all at Much Luv Studio, which is owned by De Gieter with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Oathbreaker) mastering it.   

Their sound can only be labeled as “sonic terror”, which was briefly mentioned above. So what is it? As De Gieter bluntly puts it, “It’s a term we came up with because the whole genre/labeling thing seems so dated and inaccurate to describe what we do. We might be a ‘heavy band’ but a lot of our influences and the stuff we put in come from a whole other bunch of genres, most not even ‘heavy’ at all. ‘Sonic Terror’ references the fact that our main focus is that our music should be menacing at all times, regardless of the aesthetic or instrumentation.”

Photo: StefaanTemmerman


Influenced by everything from Code Orange and Death Grips, to Ghostemane and Xibalba, Doodseskader were shaped by everything music wise, including their own bands. And with their years of experience in the music world, they aren’t expecting to slow down so soon. “Both of us have been/are involved in both more ‘established’ bands as well as very ‘fringe’ type projects. This translates to the fact that we already knew both of our strengths and weaknesses, what we liked and disliked as musicians, and had a certain level of expectations of what our output should be. We definitely have been able to skip the whole ‘trial and error’ phase and immediately go for our own sound.”

The songs Doodseskader write are filled with the stuff of nightmares, and that’s not surprising  when it’s coming from the minds of two men in the “heavy music” world. When asked about what inspired Doodseskader’s songs, De Gieter explained that the duo would talk about the potential subject matter found in the lyrics, and that the consensus was that they “wanted everything to be as personal and intimate as possible.” That way, if it came from a place of hurt, that feeling of hurt would be felt in the music. “All our tracks are based on experiences we went through, or stuff we’re still trying to come to terms with. Since we come from very different backgrounds musically and have really distinct ‘sonic trademarks’, but are both feeding the project from a similar place of suffering, it all naturally balanced itself out.”

This form of powerful songwriting can be found in their violent track “Meat Suit”, Burroughs’s favorite track off the EP. “‘Meat Suit’ is about how everyone follows their own set of tracks and can only see the world from there. How your surroundings often dictate who you’d become (as a person), how you view others and their struggles, and what standard you hold yourself to,” De Gieter broke the track down. “Most of us just live our lives with an extreme degree of comfort and the hardest choices we face might seem trivial to people who are a lot less fortunate.” Just take one listen to the track and you’ll be sure to hear the message clearly. 

Speaking of “Meat Suit”, the video directed by Jean-Jacques DuCraque perfectly captures the song’s emotion as well as its dark nature. De Gieter praised DuCraque’s technique during the shoot, going as far as calling the director “a ‘third member’ to our band.” “We’re blessed to have someone who’s equally open-minded on board. When he told us people referenced his style of filmmaking as ‘visual terror’ we knew this was the perfect fit for us. There’s no such thing as coincidence.”

With 2021 looming around the corner, only one can wonder about what Doodseskader can accomplish. Maybe they’ll play with Slowthai or Vince Staples. It can be summed up quickly with “this is what we’ve done in three months time. Imagine what we’ll do in six.”




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