In this day and age it’s very easy for an artist to reach the sophomore slump, the second album syndrome, and in many ways as we all transition into a new world it can begin to feel the same. But if the last twelve months has given us anything, it’s hope in the future of new music.

Introducing Stage Moms, the perfect blend of new school emo, with some pop punk influence, and even bigger post hardcore style choruses, the West Virginia outfit are quickly becoming the ones to watch for the coming year.

“Sophomore Slump is about how I quit my last band because I was too depressed.” Explains vocalist Gage Vota. “but then I was even more depressed that I wasn’t making music and touring anymore.”

“I quit my last band because I was depressed…then i was even more depressed because I COULDN’T TOUR OR RELEASE ANY MUSIC…”

Taking his constant drive to the studio, the massive sound that is their own was created by none other Man Overboard vocalist, Nik Bruzzese.

“Recording with Nik and Ace was such a good experience, they’re just the best dudes and really helped us and pushed us to make these songs better than we could ever imagine.”

Check out the video below for Sophomore Slump and keep your eyes peeled for the band’s debut record, Almost Heaven, Feels Like Hell, out March 12th.




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