While looking for some new music to start listening to, there’s a specific area of the World that will surely attract you the most. We are talking about California, one of the best reservoirs of young bands that have been re-shaping the hardcore and punk scenes in particular over the last five years.

You’re surely familiar with bands such as Gulch, Drain, Hands Of God and Jawstruck, both thanks to their amazing records and to the huge amount of live footage that surround their names. Power Alone are definitely one of those bands you should not miss. Coming from southern and northern California, this new band has been delivering its own vegan straight edge hardcore assault since 2019 by releasing a full length – called Rather Be Alone – earlier this year.

“Our LP came out at the end of February 2020. We had some record release shows planned for early March but the pandemic shut everything down and we had to cancel those shows. Our band members all live in different parts of California which makes it difficult for us to practice, perform, and record even under normal circumstances. So, during the pandemic things have been even more difficult for us. I wrote a lot of riffs and arranged some songs over the summer but we haven’t really had a chance to get together and work out new material. I’ve got a lot of ideas for songs once we’re all able to get together again and play so maybe we’ll get to work on another Power Alone record once things settle”, reveals Power Alone’s guitarist Allan.

“When someone tells me that the songs are relatable, it is the best response I can get to just know that we’re not alone in this struggle.”

With a name that comes directly from a Rudimentary Peni track, called No Other Truth, Power Alone deliver a strong message in their tracks: “most of the lyrics are more about my sense of fear, despair, and hopelessness about the future of this planet and everyone on it. Some of it seems pretty bleak, but it’s a real feeling that I think is disturbing a lot of us who had hopes of doing whatever we could to make this world a better place. When someone tells me that the songs are relatable, it is the best response I can get to just know that we’re not alone in this struggle”, highlights the band’s vocalist Eva.

As the first release to came out for Power Alone was released by Indecision Records, we took the opportunity to ask Power Alone about their bond with one of the best labels in the game. “Before Power Alone, I was in a band called Rats in the Wall that did a 7” with Indecision. I met Dave of Indecision through that band, and we became friends. Even after I quit Rats, I hoped to do another band and work with Indecision again because it was the best experience I’d had with a hardcore label. So I was stoked when Indecision agreed to put this record out for us! Like Allan, several of my favorite bands of all time were on Indecision, so I’m happy to be part of that family now”, reveals Eva. As part of the straight edge culture, we talked with the band about what can be read or seen and not just listened, to be even more aware of these topics.

““the US is under the worst and most dangerous leadership it has ever seen.”

“I always recommend the book Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram. It makes a beautiful and rigorous argument as to why we, as people, need wild nature to be complete. I also recommend the two Netflix series Our Planet and A Life On Our Planet because they honor wild nature while pleading for us to force our governments to act on its behalf. And if we’re talking about bands that are ‘right on’, I have to shout out Zulu”, tells us Dustin.

As part of the hardcore community in the States, Power Alone have no doubts about how to be supportive to the communities in danger: “the US is under the worst and most dangerous leadership it has ever seen. California is on fire. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic with no real end in sight. Living where we do, it’s really difficult to find hope right now. With all that said, if you want to know about punks doing something positive, people should check out Portland Mutual Aid Network. This is a pretty good example of how punks can impact their communities. PMAN provides support for the houseless community in Portland, Oregon. They give out food, shoes, toilet paper, water, and other essential supplies. I think that’s pretty cool”, suggests Allan





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