There have always been exciting things bubbling from the music scene in Melbourne, and Bad/Love is one of the most exciting acts right now. Coming together from other bands around the state, they’re coming to bring their own mix of alternative, emo and metal – with other surprises.

“We just try to do something a bit different,” vocalist Landon Kirk said. “We incorporate a little more electronic stuff…[get the] 2000s sound.”

The aim is to bring back the sound with “our little twist” on it. Described as ‘Future Emo’, the band are looking to relive their youth through their own creativity; and the scene around them have taken to this with love and support.

When asked to describe the scene, Kirk shares his praise for the “very strong” closeness of Melbourne among the bands and fans. “Really good, really strong. Everyone’s very welcoming. The attendance and support is unlike anything else. There’s always great attendance at local shows, compared to other states.”

“It was unlike anything I’ve personally done before.”

Over the years, many Australian acts have spoken highly of Melbourne in particular; and with Bad/Love, it’s no different. They label Melbourne as “the place to be”, which it’s proven time and time again as the most outstanding state for up and coming alternative acts.When discussing the other talent rising in the scene, Kirk gave a shout-out to Melbourne’s Bad Juju. Describing their style as “90s rock-anthem vibes”, he guarantees they’re an act to keep an eye on in the coming years – so watch out for them!

When it comes to their own success in the industry, Kirk looks back on the making of their debut EP ‘SIOIS‘ fondly. The recording process was “very interesting” for him, especially as a vocalist who is breaking out into melodic vocals after making a career with screaming into the mic. “It was unlike anything I’ve personally done before.”

“My background has always been screaming…this was the first time I’ve tried to sing.” The change wasn’t forced upon him for the sake of the band or the sound. It was a change he wanted to try and a year beyond the EP release, he’s loving it! “I’m definitely more comfortable singing. I think it’s easier on my voice.” He’s doing amazing things with Bad/Love and they’re not doing it on their own. One of the winning qualities with the band are since the release of ‘SIOIS‘, they’ve been releasing amazing collaborations with other Australian artists. They’ve worked with many talented musicians from around the country, but recently they’ve reached a whole new level with their latest single ‘Social Suicide’. Recruiting the help of Ken from Crossfaith, Kirk admitted that there was something special about this particular feature. “That was an interesting one,” he explains. “It was international while the others were from Australian…He was so keen.”

“I think it’s important to have these features…definitely a good marketing point.”

“I think it’s important to have these features…definitely a good marketing point.” Every collaboration gives a new boost of confidence to the Melbourne outfit, and it only pushes them to do more and more and reach further and further for their goals. The next goal for them right now is to get back on the stage, and get back safely. Areas of Australia are slowly lifting lockdown restrictions and it’s getting everyone hopeful for a more normal 2021. The guys are looking towards the future and when speaking of his own goals for live performances, Kirk’s biggest dream is now a sad memory… “I always wanted to play Warped Tour ever since I was a kid.”

Unfortunately, Warped Tour came to an end after their anniversary celebrations in 2019, but hope came back when the idea of inspiring a return came up. Wondering if they would be asked to headline, Kirk let out a laugh and just asked, “Can you imagine?”

As soon as the pandemic passes and live music can make its safe return around the world, Bad/Love have their sights set on world domination. They’ve taken over Australia – who’s next?

“Going to America and [breaking out] internationally was the goal,” he says. “In the meantime, all we can do is release music and keep the momentum going.”

Spending the year writing new music and working to keep the creativity and sanity intact, there’s no doubt that Bad/Love are going to be rising stars in the 2020s. Giving the world 2000s flashbacks 20 years on, the band are destined for success. And possibly revive Warped Tour.



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