Saying that someone is releasing THE halloween anthem of the year is a pretty big statement, especially with so much incredible music having come out this October, but not many bands are Essex’s own Admissions.

With anthemic choruses, and a hook that would make even the greatest of musicians turn in their graves (see what we did there?), not to mention one of the most vampiristic, yet brilliantly laced with British sarcasm videos, Admissions new single, Kill The Switch, is taking the lead this Halloween, and creating an anthem to be sang by the masses when live music finally returns.

“”We wanted a song that the audience could interact and get involved at every gig! Once we had an idea of the route we wanted to take with ‘Kill The Switch’ the writing seemed to do itself and naturally steered down the Halloween route.” Explains the band. “It seemed pretty fitting that we tied the video into the same theme. A huge shout out to Talon, Megan and Chloe for helping us with the video and the amazing make up!”

So grab the popcorn, carve the pumpkin, and get ready for the fright, and anthem of the season, this is the new video for Kill The Switch.



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