SNAKE EYES have released a brand new video for their single ‘bugged out’. The single is taken from the EP ‘skeletons‘, which is out now through Failure By Design Records.

Speaking of the video, drummer Thomas Coe-Brooker said: “With an impending lockdown on our hands, we had to totally switch up our location at the last minute & dive into the shoot with only a couple of days to get our ducks in a row. As stressful as it was, I think the new & unexpected space actually helped to capture my vision for the video, an environment where Jim doesn’t really know whether he’s asleep or awake.

Vocalist Jim Heffy continues to discuss the track: “This was an idea I’d had for many years and that had many different forms. There were other guitar parts, as it was originally written for two guitars, but when I decided snake eyes should be a one-guitar band, I changed up the track. I was having a really bad time with insomnia and when I did sleep I would have weird nightmares and that’s kinda what the song’s about. Scary stuff, I know.

Check out the new video below!



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