Biffy Clyro’s SIMON NEIL has unveiled his first signature guitar pedal.

Neil, in collaboration with guitar tech Richard ‘Churd’ Pratt, has announced the release of his ‘BOOOOOM – BLAST’ distortion pedal coming early next year. The release is limited to 200 units and is described as “arguably the loudest pedal on the market“.

The product description for the pedal is: “The ‘BOOOOOM – BLAST’ pedal is an instant design classic created from a cottage industry approach. Churd designed the pedal from scratch, in the process teaching himself an extensive range of engineering and electrical skills, and has hand-built every unit.

Simon will provide each item with a unique personal touch. He’ll sign and paint each unit (the stripe referencing the artwork to the band’s recent #1 album ‘A Celebration of Endings’) and will also include a handwritten ‘thank you’ note with each purchase.

The pedal is available for pre-order here, and will begin shipping from 31st January.



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