SENSES FAIL have released two new Christmas covers in their new single ‘Christmas Has Been Canceled Due To Lack of Hustle’. The single was released through Pure Noise Records.

The two tracks, ‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’ and ‘Donde Esta Santa Claus’, are available to stream now. Speaking of the festive release, vocalist Buddy Nielsen said: “My step father have been telling me for 20 years that the only way to make it in the music industry is to do Christmas covers. He would point out Paul McCartney, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and WAM as prime examples of musicians who did them right. He wasn’t wrong but I wasn’t in any rush. Christmas songs are best sung in July and when it comes time for them, I’m usually burnt out, however, this year, there wasn’t much to sing about or celebrate so I reserved my carols for these songs. I chose the two greatest Christmas songs that few know and even fewer cover. I was once told that if you build it they will come, I have built it and I hope you come. Happy Holidays and fuck 2020.

Check out ‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’ below!

And check out ‘Donde Esta Santa Claus’ below!



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