REUBEN have announced they will be combining their two studio albums into a deluxe reissue, titled ‘Racecar Is Very Fast‘. The reissue is due for release on 11th December through Xtra Mile Recordings.

The reissue release will combine the 2004 album ‘Racecar Is Racecar Backwards‘ and the 2005 album ‘Very Fast Very Dangerous‘. Jamie Lenman has commented on the new release: “Those two records are very different but they came out a year after each other and they’re the two we did with Xtra Mile so I think they belong together, and they belong to Xtra Mile.

We spent years making ‘Racecar’ so that’s why it’s so varied and maybe a bit too long – we were very precious about our songs and we wanted them all on the thing. By the time we did ‘Very Fast’ we’d grown up a lot in a short space of time – we had a vague idea that an album should be more of a concept, which is why it’s a bit more ‘rock and roll’ with the truck and everything,” he continues. “The second one was a reaction to the first one, we wanted to get away from long, complex songs. And then we went and put our longest song on it!

Racecar Is Very Fast‘ is available for pre-order right here!



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