PLEIADES have released their brand new single, ‘Pale Soul ’94’. The single is the band’s follow-up from 2019’s ‘All at Your Mercy’.

Speaking of the single, lead vocalist Andy Calderbank said: “Our new track is the link between ‘All At Your Mercy’ EP and the learning experiences that we encountered during its creation and release. It was a product of many different ideas, shared creative processes and the result of five like-minded individuals enjoying the cathartic freedom that music offers. It helped us to evolve and create a more refined sound of new material to come, documenting the change from fragility into fierce independence.

He continues: “I have watched my family change rapidly throughout the year in the blink of an eye from a distance. This year has really magnified that change having had four months sat with only myself for company, to analyse time passing me by. Gratitude and sentimentality have become so intense and perspectives on what is truly important evolves. I look at Pale Soul 94 as a personal lesson that I am very grateful to be able to learn from.

Check out the new single below!



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