Connecticut’s own Hatebreed are legends within heavy music. This band took the Hardcore scene to the next level in the late nineties and are heavily credited for founding the metalcore genre with their timeless debut album. But twenty six years after forming, the band are anticipating the release of their ninth album. 

Entitled “Weight Of The False Self” the record discusses mental health issues and highlights the ultimate message of self perseverance and the strength that lies within us all. Guitarist Frank Novinec goes into further depth about the lyrical content within Hatebreeds ninth effort. “This record is about really looking at yourself in the rawest way you can. But overall, the theme of this album discusses self empowerment. This band’s music has always been about being the best you can be and overcoming hard times no matter what” showing that the morals Hatebreed had twenty six years ago stills remain thick within the bands veins and the powerful impact their lyrics have had over the years will continue with each record and their ninth record is no different.

This record is about really looking at yourself in the rawest way you can.

“Weight Of The False Self” comes at a moment where the planet has more or less stopped spinning since this year began. It has also been four years since Hatebreeds last record and we are in the thick of a global pandemic. Not the ideal circumstances to release a record but it was an album this band was not going to put on the shelf, Novinec explains the multiple factors surrounding the album’s release. “It has been four years since our last record, so it was definitely time for this album to happen. This record was actually meant to be released in May but the world and the music industry really crumbled earlier this year. I really feel we made the right choice to put the release back to November even if it did mean keeping people waiting that little bit longer. But it’s been well worth it, this record will absolutely not disappoint any fan of our band”

Although a Hardcore band at heart and a pioneer of the metalcore sound, Hatebreed are a band that is so versatile with their craft and have toured with a vast array of bands from Slipknot to Terror. So, due to this, nearly everybody within the heavy music spectrum will be awaiting for this record. Novinec comments on having the pressure of trying to please a modern demographic in a world where subgenres have become so strong within the modern scene. “We are the only fish in all the different lakes. A lot of people are purests and they don’t want Hardcore bands mixing with Metal bands or Beatdown bands playing with Metalcore bands and I think its a really silly mindset to have. But Hatebreed brings people who are purists about their preferred subgenres and unites them all under one roof for their shared love for us”

We are the only fish in all the different lakes. A lot of people are purests and they don’t want Hardcore bands mixing…”

Novienc goes into further detail about why Hatebreed have managed to achieve such a diverse core fanbase and why their latest album will remind every single one of them of just what they loved about Hatebreed in the first place.  “Hatebreed might be the heaviest band a metal head listens to and the most commercial band a Hardcore kid listens to. Our collective influences, sound and merchandise have allowed us to achieve this status and play this role in the heavy music realm. This record will allow our legacy to continue and maintain our presence. It was difficult with this record, as there are so many people that are invested in this band at this point. We had to make the band sound new while still being Hatebreed. We needed to continue to be this universally pleasing heavy band and make a record that all five of us are one hundred percent happy with also”

With those thoughts and desires embedded approaching the writing and recording process, Novienc wanted to take his musicianship and musical ability to a level where he would provide everything fans needed and still make an impact with his guitar playing. “It sounds ridiculous and cliche but I wanted the guitar to sound heavier than ever before on this album. I wanted the Guitar tone to be intensely crushing on every song and that was definitely achieved” His band mates have kept their iconic elements present in this record also, Novienc speaks proudly of the bands vocalist Jamey Jasta and his vocal technique. “Hatebreed has been around for twenty six years this year and I personally feel the bands main reason for success early on was having Jamey as a frontman. His vocals were what really set Hatebreed apart from the rest and allowed the band to break out the Hardcore scene early on”

Weight Of The False Self sees Hatebreed deliver everything expected from this legendary band. After perfecting the metalcore genre for a quarter of a century the band have approached this record with a mindset only legends of a genre would. Hatebreed are godfathers of Hardcore and with their nineth record that have certainly reminded the world why.

Weight Of The False Self is out November 27th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.



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