Whilst this year has been filled with a lot of chaos and the uncertainty of what’s next. The music industry is still taking an immense hit, with many of us being told to find a new profession. But, if there’s something that has come out of this year, to make it not seem all doom and gloom, it’s the insane sound of GHØSTKID. Hailing from Germany, he’s spent these past few months immersing himself into his new project. Alongside Steve Joakin on drums, Danny Güldener on guitar and Stanislaw Czywil on bass. Sebastian ‘Sushi’ Biesler is the man behind GHØSTKID and the former vocalist of German metal band Eskimo Callboy. We got in contact with him, to discuss his upcoming album, the process, politics, leaving Eskimo Callboy and lots more. 

With the insanely aggressive vocals, the thrilling riffs, thunderous drum beats and the creativity that gets injected into his music videos.He’s previously releasing three singles, ‘SUPERNØVA’ (feat Marchus Bischoff), ‘START A FIGHT’’ and ‘THIS IS NØT HØLLYWØØD’ (feat Johnny 3 Tears.) Which are all singles of his self-titled album coming on the 13th November. ‘’It’s all about the dirty and aggressive sound but I would say each song is really different to the next one.’’

“They don’t get a chance to look behind the curtain and I mean it’s like you’re more than just a person these days…”

With his single ‘THIS IS NØT HØLLYWØØD’ it has this hard-hitting depiction that comes through in the music video. Sushi explains wisely, just exactly what it’s about. ‘This is not Hollywood, is basically about artists’ lives, I would say because people out there, they don’t get a chance to look behind the curtain and I mean it’s like you’re more than just a person these days. But in the end, you’re just human, you know because this is not Hollywood so that’s the reason, I picked that title.’’ 

In February 2020, Sushi left Eskimo Callboy as the vocalist after almost ten years and later that day announced his project GHØSTKID. ‘’This is my job, but it doesn’t make me happy anymore.’’  Feeling like he found himself falling out of love with music and the idea of being in a band, to then realise that he just wanted to ride the wave on his own terms and push all his creativity and talent into his own project. Sushi continues, ‘’there is something you really miss, like that feeling that you got back in the days, where you’re 16 years old writing your own songs. I really missed that for a long time.’’ 

For any musician, when they spend almost ten years putting their all into something, to then realising it didn’t bring them that same joy they felt when they first started. It’s a big step to then completely let the roles reverse and take it upon yourself to create something of your own, not knowing what the outcome will be. “It was a fucking pain in the ass on one hand, but on the other hand, was like ok good, holy shit this is so crazy, and I mean what really makes me proud is that I’ve never done something like that on my own.’’ Sushi continues. 

’It was a fucking pain in the ass on one hand, but on the other hand, was like ok good, holy shit this is so crazy.”

‘’I started music and it was like it gave me a home, one I created myself. Then it was not my home anymore, it felt different and I didn’t feel comfortable anymore. I was faced with a lot of stuff at the time you know so it was like a fucking crazy rollercoaster. I would say that I really grew up in that time, because now I’m responsible for everything.’’ Sushi explains. 

As many of us know, it hasn’t been very plain sailing when it comes to the government. But, when it comes to the harsh comments about an ever-growing successful industry, Sushi definitely has something honest to say. ‘’I would say fuck you. Because I mean that’s crazy, this is my job for over ten years right now. I would say as a message, just keep in mind that when you turn your fucking radio on in the car, and there is no music, so I mean music and like art, in general, it’s like you’re surrounded by it, it’s very relevant.’’ 

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Sushi and get to know the meaning behind GHØSTKID and just exactly what he’s all about. It’s definitely not the easiest time to be putting out music and creating something entirely new, but he’s managed to do it superbly. As for what he has planned for the rest of the year, it’s safe to say it’s exciting. ‘’I shot another music video that will come out, probably in a week. After that, there will be another video and of course the album on the 13th November. I’m pretty excited about what people will think about it.’’

GHØSTKID will be released 13th November via Century Media Records.



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