Just over thirty years ago, Anti-Flag hit the punk rock scene, tackling major political issues in their work; they’ve been witness to four presidents and four administrations but nothing compares to the unhinged leadership the United States is experiencing right now. Donald Trump has flipped the script so many times on a plethora of issues that it is hard to discern what’s really going on. The attention span of an American seems to be absolutely miniscule as major events go in ear and out the other, being replaced constantly by something newer and somehow worse. Vocalist and guitarist Justin Sane has seen it all, but today’s modern history takes the cake.

“A lot of people in our country are living in a non-reality at this point,” explains Sane. “They have  just made up an alternate reality that they live in the Fox News bubble reality and it’s a far right conspiracy reality that is disconnected from the truth. If that is what you want to live in, you are allowed to do that, but you are letting yourself be conned, used and manipulated. I have always been a person that does not care if the truth bothers me, let me have the truth because then I have the possibility of changing something for the better and I never understood people who do not want to deal with reality.”

“The pandemic beat us; it definitely beat the Trump admin as well…”

Reality was able to break down in the last four years until the Trump presidency; the United States did a full stop and started to rewind the clock, sprouting up civil and human rights injustices straight out of the 1930s and 1960s. While all Presidents have their fair share of crises, they have acted in their role of leadership as you would expect the leader of the free world to, but Trump has taken the road less traveled and made it all about him, throwing citizens away as if they were pawns in a chess match. The lack of leadership from above is a giant piece of the puzzle that is halting the United States in its tracks during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Sane knows exactly what went wrong.

“The pandemic beat us; it definitely beat the Trump admin as well. I feel that is criminally negligent and he just decided that the response was going to be what he does in a lot of things, which is pretend and lie, just pretend everything’s ok. lie your way through it. That strategy normally works politically for Trump, but in this you can’t hide the bodies and the deaths and people who are losing loved ones, so when you are telling them everything is okay and they are losing a loved one, they realize that what you are saying is BS. Normally, Trump cons people and it works but with this one there’s receipts and the con just does not work in that respect.”

 Society in the United States is starting to crumble as sides clash on what should be easy decision arguments, but instead turns into hatred and bigotry, all being gaslighted by Trump. Scare tactics are starting to pop up in hot and swing states, further muddying the waters of an already murky upcoming election, while Republicans try their best to spread disinformation and fulfill wishes as one of Trump’s trusty lap dogs. It is a direct threat to everything the United States was built on and a smack in the face to democracy.

“you can’t hide the bodies and the deaths and people who are losing loved ones…”

  In mere weeks, the world will change, hopefully seeing Trump dumped out of office. With the lack of leadership, the United States can’t afford another four years of Trump, Sane says. The world is dying around us and what used to be a respected country in the world has now become the laughing stock, watching a TV personality drive a country into the ground, without a care in the world. Now is not a time to align to a party or an ideology; it is time to stand up and fight back and elect the leadership this country desperately needs.

“The goal is to vote Biden and hold his feet to the fire and push that motherfucker to do what is best for the people and I truly believe a vote for Biden is a vote against facsicm. Trump is a neo fascist, he is a white supremacist; he has proven it in his actions and his policies and I dont think we can let it stand if he gets a second term. This is a neo fascist and every fucking day he is in the White House is another day that countless people, especially people in minority and vulnerable communities are at risk. For that very reason, the empathetic side of me, of someone who is definitely a privileged white guy, I know that he has gotta go.”

Since Biden has actually won the US election, but Trump is to fullfill his term. Their new documentary, 20/20 Vision is out NOW via Spinefarm Records.



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