GONE IS GONE have announced their new album ‘If Everything Happens For A Reason… Then Nothing Really Matters At All‘. The album is set for release on 4th December.

The album was recorded during lockdown earlier this year, and the band have released the first single ‘Breaks’. Speaking of the new material, Tony Hajjar said: “I definitely had some strong ideas coming into this record. My idea was to make a record that could be played by all of us in a certain fashion or even just one of us with some electronics. I really wanted the record to live in many forms. We feel that we accomplished that… It is a record that pushed us creatively. We expressed ourselves fully without any barriers or fear of what people would think.

Troy Sanders continues: “I feel it is our most solid and interesting release to date. As musicians, we always seek to explore new sounds and push ourselves to create unique moods and atmospheres. In our eyes and ears, we have achieved this.

Check out ‘Breaks’ below!



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