BOB VYLAN have released a brand new video for their single ‘Northern Line’. The single was released through Venn Records, following the recent singles ‘We Live Here’ and ‘England’s Ending’.

Frontman Bobby Vylan gave some background on the single: “I think the original file for the recording is dated as far back as April 2019 and was originally called ‘Please Mind The Gap’.

‘Northern Line’ is really about my personal anxieties and a good portion was written while travelling on the tube. It’s a brief walk through a part of my mind that I rarely talk about, as I think a lot of people that have similar feelings are often guilty of,” Vylan continues. “Not being vocal about the stresses on the mind, anxiety, depression, feeling uncomfortable in certain social settings, a lot of the time we just keep these things bottled up for fear of appearing weak or burdening anybody else with them.

Check out the new video below!



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