Yours Truly are one of many huge names coming from the Australian pop punk scene, but thanks to their debut album Self Care, they’re one you should be paying extra-close attention to.

Despite vocalist Mikaila Delgado’s concerns that “it’s really hard being from Australia and getting international opportunities and to be able to go overseas”, Yours Truly have already ticked some amazing achievements off their bucket list. From touring alongside Sum 41, State Champs and Senses Fail, global festival offers and being the only pop punk band signed to UNFD, the mighty risks they took as ambitious teens certainly paid off. Made up Delgado, guitarists Teddie Winder-Haron and Lachlan Cronin, and drummer Brad Cronan, the Sydney-based collective released their critically acclaimed second EP Afterglow in April last year. Gifting us major singles ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Circles’ along with three more captivating and preppy pop punk tracks, it landed them a hardcore fanbase and high expectations for what followed.


Self Care was released on 18th September, and takes on an edgier form of pop punk in comparison to their two previous outputs, despite the soothing title and embroidery artwork designed by their friend, artist and photographer Georgia Maloney. Lyrically, the subjects of certain songs are particularly dark and vulnerable as well, touching upon break-ups, imposter syndrome and death. The most emotive songs ‘Half of Me’, ‘Funeral Home’ and ‘Heartsleeve’ showcase the band’s growth as songwriters as the lyrics are especially cutting. However, rather than delving into the band’s self-care routine and how they dealt with such grievances, the album title actually refers to the album’s cathartic process. Delgado opens up, saying “We felt like [the phrase “self-care”] pulled together what we experienced from writing the album more than what the album is about. […] It’s more of how much writing this album helped us heal from these experiences and how writing for us is such a form of healing.”

Although the songwriting experience was therapeutic, when recording Self Care back in March, Yours Truly were in a high-pressure race against time. With local coronavirus cases rising, they knew Sydney could be ordered into lockdown at any point, meaning they had the fear of being forced into isolation with no album, photos or music videos looming over their heads. Luckily their efforts were rewarding and they left producer Stevie Knight (With Confidence, Stand Atlantic) and the studio merely two weeks prior to lockdown starting, with ten fresh tracks and the music video for first single ‘Composure’ ready to drop. As Sydney’s lockdown restriction began to slowly lift throughout the campaign, they were able to film two more music videos – just about. Delgado states “when we did ‘Undersized’ we were allowed to have 8 people in a room, and by the time we did ‘Funeral Home’ we could have 20.” ‘Funeral Home’s video surely reflected the restrictions as it’s set at a wake, yet everyone is noticeably stood at a distance with no physical comforting. “It was also that but mainly trying to fill the room and to make it look like there were more people!” She jokingly discloses.

But filling a room won’t be a struggle for Yours Truly in future. With a list of rescheduled tour dates and festival appearances (including Slam Dunk 2021) already on the cards, Self Care will only add to the demand. 

Self Care is out now via UNFD



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