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If the last seven months have taught anyone anything, it’s that the COVID-19 pandemic has crumbled people’s lives, whilst music has flowed effortlessly into the hearts of fans and ears of new listeners to help maintain everyone’s sanity level.

Being in a band during this time is not easy, but CTL DRP are making it work, even after delaying the new album by a few months and cancelling shows they were still positive about creating social distanced music videos.

‘It was just Jay Bartlett and I in a rehearsal room socially distancing together’ explains vocalist Annie, ‘We all trust Jay as he’s so creative and good at what he does so we weren’t worried. It was funny though we had no idea what it was really gonna look like, but turned out fab as ever’.  Even with the unknown of how it all was going to turn out, it hasn’t stopped the compliments from the likes of Dork Magazine stating that they are Brighton’s best kept secret.  So it’s clear to see that even though the lockdown period halted the climbing of CTL DRP’s ladder in gigs and festivals, it has still kept them rocking out as always.

“Nothing hits the spot like that post gig buzz when y’all have just given it death and the crowd have been on it too…”

During lockdown, the three-piece have been able to experiment by creating new set-ups at home and learning new softwares to help further the creative juices.  The band infused EDM/Electro Punk, an unusual combination, but one that works perfectly for them.   ‘There’s always a drive to come up with a new sound’ is how lead-guitarist, Scott, talks about mixing the two genres, which sums up the band.

CTL DRP are known for their electrifying live shows, which is why the new music will hit differently when live shows make a return.  Even after cancelling seven dates due to the pandemic, they are still keeping the fight going with excitement of playing the new music to a crowd. Speaking on this feeling, Scott says ‘Nothing hits the spot like that post gig buzz when y’all have just given it death and the crowd have been on it too… that we yearn for. It’s kinda never been better, never been worse for us.. It’s weird.’.

Although the three-piece have been optimistic throughout this pandemic, the key to their success has been live shows.  Back in 2017, when the band first formed, they became sensations in the local scene due to how much of a force they had become on stage. More and more delays and waits meant the band showed off their talents by releasing teases of the album so fans could get an idea of what’s to come. Speaking on the wait, Scott explained ‘We ended up releasing an extra couple of singles just to try and get a bit more exposure really due to the lack of live content. It could possibly result in us releasing another record sooner’.

There’s always a drive to come up with a new sound….”

The possibility of new music so soon after their latest release is a joy to many ears as the three-piece are masters at fusing so many genres into one confrontational feeling.   But like many bands during this time, the creative process has been interesting to keep up, ‘I think we’re still figuring it all out as is everyone. There’s definitely things we’ve had to change and more online responsibilities we’ve had to adapt too’ is how Annie puts the creative process right now. With venues booking social distanced gigs in 2021 with the hope of it working out, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for live music.

That tunnel will include CTL DRP as they’ve booked shows at the Brighton Dome for a halloween show as well as a show in East London in mid-November to show off the debut album.  All of this is on the cards so CTL DRP enter 2021 as a band to keep an eye on.

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