Australian outfit THE AMITY AFFLICTION have released two B-side tracks from their latest record ‘Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them‘.

The two tracks, ‘Midnight Train’ and ‘Don’t Wade in the Water’, are what the band consider some of their most personal to date. Speaking of ‘Midnight Train’, frontman Joel Birch said: “‘Midnight Train’ came about from Ahren just singing ‘midnight train’ in amongst some other garbage when he did the scratch track for me to get an idea of how he wanted to sing the chorus. We wrote the entire song around those two words, which wasn’t actually hard because there was some context to it. It follows an arc of my relationship with my wife, ending where we are today. We’ve known each other for 25 years and the song covers some key moments for both of us.

Birch continues to discuss ‘Don’t Wade in the Water’: “It’s song about my mother and father and the role the church had in separating them, and then the role that the church and religion played in my later life. Obviously, it is a play on the old hymn sung by Ella Jenkins, which is a beautiful, beautiful song. I wanted to contrast that with my own personal experience, which was disenfranchising to say the least.

Check out ‘Midnight Train’ below!

And check out ‘Don’t Wade in the Water’ below!



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