RATING: 8/ 10


A country marred with civil rights injustices; a state failing to keep the sanctity of law. Leading up to the 2020 President election in the United States, there is so much that is still unknown as disinformation, scare tactics and white supremacy are running rampant. While the world watches with bated breath, the next three weeks are crucial for the safety of the United States and the world as we know it. Luckily, the arts are a perfect distraction from the unsettling and metalcore group Chamber is right in the thick of it, having released their newest album Cost of Sacrifice via Pure Noise Records

Cost of Sacrifice is the Nashville-based outfit’s debut album and it opens up a portal to another world, sucking the listener into the deepest depths of their soul. From screeching guitars and classic circle pit drum fills to haunting vocals and ghoulish undertones, this album is not for the faint of heart. However, if System of a Down and blessthefall had a baby, Cost of Sacrifice would be the beautiful bundle of joy; a fusion of the abrupt, yet powerful System of a Down sound mixed with the hardcore roots of blessthefall. Luckily, Chamber takes it to the next level and adds their own blistering take on metalcore resulting in an album that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

“Luckily, Chamber takes it to the next level and adds their own blistering take on metalcore resulting in an album that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

The ten songs pay homage to the early days of metalcore and bring about a wave of nostalgia with them, reminding everyone that the scene isn’t going anywhere. The four singles, “Scars in Complex Patterns,” “In Cleansing Fire,” “Visions of Hostility” and “Numb (Transfuse)” are just a peek into the full capability of the album. Classic hardcore foundations and progressive creativity are just the tip of the iceberg. Songs such as “Fracture,” “Paranoia Bleeds” and “Cost of Sacrifice” showcase spectacular shrieking guitar riffs, impeccable drum fills and atomic breakdowns, opening the listener’s eyes a little wider. 

In “Fracture,” the intro track, the listener finds themselves getting buckled in for the metalcore journey with a slow build intro that explodes into the Chamber dual guitar strength. The third track, “Paranoia Bleeds,” the dystopian soundscape featuring Awakening-era blessthefall vocals and cascading, piercing guitars. “Numb (Transfuse),” shines with an exceptional breakdown that seemingly covers half of the track that is sweetly combined with classic drum fills that would open up a circle pit at any show.


The songs that push the metalcore walls are standout tracks “Impulse” and “Disassemble Reassemble.” “Impulse” tests the limits with strong, dissonant riffing and echoed guitar paired with full power metal panache. “Disassemble Reassemble” introduces industrial influences while also giving off the American Horror Story theme music, resulting in a haunting soundscape created by unsettling guitar riffs. This track sparks a slightly different sound than the rest of the album with an almost sensory overload leading into the second breakdown. Both tracks feature spoken word recordings at the end that really set the mood of the album overall. 

The debut record from Chamber pushes all the right buttons and is being released in a time where the music community desperately needed something of comfort. As a genre, metalcore is the most resilient in the scene and it’s nice to see the up and comers are making their mark. Live music will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later, and Chamber is poised to be at the forefront of that revival; Cost of Sacrifice proves they know the genre and are also able to push the envelope in truly amazing ways.



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