The world itself seems like that of a horror film right now, and so what better a time for one of heavy music’s freakiest, but groundbreaking bands, CANE HILL to release a new single and video.

With a video that touches on the occult, it’s no surprise that this new anthem also touches down on the tides and turns of an industry which has been a manipulative and dark one.

“Power Of The High’ is inconsolable fury & anguish. An accumulation of the woes, trails, & tribulations of our recent years from mind-altering aficionados to unwilling servants drowning in the unforgiving tides of the music industry we’ve found ourselves passionately emboldened by the rage fostered whilst stuck between our realities.” Explains vocalist Elijah Witt. “It’s a declaration of third-eye-rebellion, ‘Power Of The High’ is a calling to everyone we know & may meet to join us in breaking the mould that’s been given to you by a higher power & realise the divine being you always have been.”

You can check out the new single and video below, and as the tides turn, maybe a new age of Cane Hill.



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