“Nasty has always stood out in what we do, so why would we change?” This bold statement summaries the entire approach that Belgum beatdown legends Nasty took when writing their latest record, “Menace”. Vocalist Matthias Tarnath further explains how the band purposefully ensured “Menace” was as violent as possible. “We have become even angrier and colder. We have learned a lot more about music itself in the last three years. We have kept all melody out of this record and turned back to the old days as aggression is what we do best”.

““Nasty has always stood out in what we do, so why would we change?”

But the choice to remain as loyal and genuine to the sound and presence they have established comes at a time when Nasty is releasing a record on their biggest platform to date, Century Media record. “We have signed to Century Media Records as they present us to a much larger audience but have remained loyal to our original sound. Although being on this label gives us the opportunity to reach people who are typical “metalheads” who enjoy music with cleans and metallic guitars Nasty have not got this far because our music had those features. We got this far by making hard and angry music. So we stuck to what we do best and made the most primitive beatdown record we could”. Explains the vocalist, showing that Nasty have chosen to be themselves at a time when they could have easily changed to pleased a larger crowd of listeners, showing just how genuine and committed to their roots this band truly are. Tarnath goes deeper into the band’s reasoning for this. “ People expect business moves when you get involved with a major label. But we said no, this is our hardest album and our biggest release on the largest platform we have ever been on. This is straight aggression by the Nasty boys. We had a plan to be what we always have been and we have succeeded in every way”

The band kept to the ethic that this was going to be an album that showcased Nasty being themselves. So exact in fact that the gang vocals were done all and only by Tarnath and there are no features on the record. Tarnath explains; “I did all the gang vocals on this by myself. Instead of having a room full of dudes shouting into the microphone, I was on my own saying the same line over and over. So the gang vocals on this are really just multiple recordings of me. There are no features also. We really kept this as authentic as we could. This our first release on a big label so we wanted to show a wider audience exactly what Nasty is in the most literal way we could. It is us four on the album and nobody else. This is Nasty doing what they are meant to do”


Being longstanding members of the hardcore community and scene, Nasty has seen many fluctuations and diversions during their time as fans and performers. But the division is an element that the vocalist feels needs to change. “The whole scene has grown a lot and gained way more attention in the last five years but it has become so much more divided. Especially compared when I was going to shows growing up. Line ups were much more varied as Emo bands and post-hardcore bands played with etalcore and hardcore bands and people accepted it and watched every band on the bill even though they sounded so different. Shows now days are just one sub-genre and people seem to hate the other sub-genre and class music as “true hardcore” for example, its really not healthy. Because everyone uses music for the same purpose, it is an output of creativity and expression. The divide should stop” 

“Menace” is Nastys’ seventh album and it truly shows a very natural growth and a level of maturity that has been obtained by the members seeing just how cold the music industry can make people and how money can be a blinding object. “We have grown into our surroundings now. The bigger we got the more businessmen’s hands we shook. It becomes all about money. They probably don’t like what you do, they just want a percentage and want to make a profit from your music.  A band should never be a business model. If money is the motivation then creativity will pay the price” Proving that although the major label chapter is now a reality for the band, the punk rock and organic ethic will remain unbreakable forever. Furthermore, it proves Nasty are a powerful band with personalities that propel them to levels that many other bands have failed to achieve. But the anger is not a negative driving force, they have once again channeled their emotions into music that is engaging in every possible way.




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