Life can be unfair; bad hands can be dealt and anything can happen. In March, the music industry took a nearly fatal blow due to the novel Coronavirus. Live music was shut down abruptly, and the waiting game began. Almost eight months later, the future is still hazy for the scene, but the fight is far from over, especially in the metalcore genre. Up and comers are grinding every day to get one, small break to make their mark in the scene and outfit Chamber are working the hardest, putting together material that is ready to redefine the genre. Now, they have released their debut album, Cost of Sacrifice,” and they aren’t looking back.

  “It was a challenge but Randy [Lebouf] made us feel at home and like we were the best on earth,” shares vocalist Jacob Lilly. “It wasn’t too much of a challenge, but it was nerve wracking at the beginning because you didn’t know what you were getting into.”

“it was nerve wracking at the beginning because you didn’t know what you were getting into.”

When Chamber was first picked up by Pure Noise, they had already garnered interest with their tracks but the label wanted to patch up the songs and re-release them, giving a fresh, professional taste on songs that were tracked with buddies. Ripping / Pulling / Tearing, the remastered back catalog was released in 2019. Fan and streaming numbers started to pick up and the scene took notice, earning them a spot on a European tour with Counterparts and Stray From the Path. They took this time to grow immensely and it can be seen throughout Cost of Sacrifice.” The band took advantage of the situation and started work on the album while on the tour, slipping off to a camper to send demos and work with Randy Lebouf.

“We spent a good amount of time on it,” shares Lilly. “It is weird because we were touring so much, how much time we put into the record because ‘oh, we are on tour let’s try to write a song’ or ‘hey, we are at home for three days before tour, let’s jam.’ It is awesome and it came out great. Gabe is phenomenal at what he does with guitar work and the same with our drummer Taylor and bass player Chris. It all just came together well and we are happy with it.”

The group came together a few years ago, finding each other in Nashville, Tennessee, with the exception of Lilly who lives in North Carolina. Lilly had been playing bass in another band originally and was asked to fill in on vocals for a couple weeks while on tour with them, and he has been the vocalist ever since. The new and improved lineup started to turn heads and they were given the chances they needed to jump to the next level. The most exciting thing about releasing a debut album is the touring to celebrate, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the music industry shut down.


“It’s a smack in the face, ‘hey, you are putting out a record and you don’t get to tour off of it; it is like, what can you do to put it out there and put it in peoples face instead?” asks Lilly. “I feel like we could take advantage of it after we go back to touring, some bands won’t give up, but lose faith in what they were doing; just a big stepback. Maybe it won’t be over saturated when we come back or it might just be the most insane touring you’ve ever seen; it is a 50/50 there.”

Touring or not, fans will still be excited to share in the immense pleasure of releasing new music and helping their favorite bands succeed; fans flock to merch stores and are quick to hype if they can’t afford anything. Chamber have found themselves in a beautifully unique position, the leaders of the metalcore revival, and are looking forward to what the future holds. The new era is now and the fans will have nothing but good things to experience when they spin “Cost of Sacrifice.”

“I was expecting to see some people hate it and I would see the comments, but I didn’t really see any of that,” Lilly says relieved.  “A lot of people dig it and they [the singles] are some of my favorite songs off the record. I think as a whole, the record will speak more to the people than the singles. It is weird, you are putting the record together and the songs are flowing together and then, let’s pick 3 singles. They are the best songs but as a whole its better. I’m excited to see the reaction to the full record instead of just the singles. Everyone seems to like it and that is awesome.”




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