CAPSTAN have released a new music video for their single ‘Hideaway’. The single is from the album ‘Restless Heart, Keep Running‘, which is out now through Fearless Records.

Speaking of the new single, the band said: “‘Hideaway’ is about being vulnerable enough to let someone in, and the feeling of safety you get when you allow yourself to take refuge in them. The song has taken on more meaning this year, considering all the uncertainty and anxiety everyone is facing. We hope people can find comfort in the music and lyrics, and feel like our band can help them when they need a personal ‘hideaway’ from the world.

They continued on to talk about the new video: “We had to be conscious of safety and social distancing when creating a music video during a pandemic. So we chose an intimate concept that conveyed those feelings of struggling to survive alone in the world, and the difference it can make to have someone looking after you, even when they remain unseen.

Check out the new video below!



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