THE OBGMS have released a brand new single titled ‘Outsah’. The single is from their upcoming album ‘The Ends‘, which is due for release on 30th October through Black Box.

Speaking of the new release and his directorial input for the video, vocalist Densil McFarlane said: “We make movies over here. Outsah is a joint collaboration with Clairmont The Second and Beee and we really wanted to do something gritty. I wanted to tell a story in a cinematic continuous shot and really make a statement. This song, and this video, speak to what we are willing to do. We are going to run up in your house, give us what we want.

This is one of those songs where we’re doing stuff other people aren’t doing,” McFarlane continues“We threw bongos on the motherfucker. That song is a statement and that statement is, ‘We’re not afraid of you, and we’re willing to confront you. Come see me if you have a problem with it. We’re already outside.’

Check out ‘Outsah’ below!



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