STRANGE BONES have released a brand new single ‘Menace’. The single features Bob Vylan and was released through 300 Entertainment.

Speaking of the single, vocalist Bobby Bentham has said: “Menace is a cathartic release in response to the world being on hold and the insanity that came from this. We are the passenger in the car, sat next to hypocrisy with absurdity in the driver’s seat going absolutely nowhere, the road is blocked. I could also say it’s a commentary on the playing fields levelling out, when everything falls apart, you are left with your will and you desire to continue moving forwards, never back.

Vylan added: “The world has been on somewhat of a hold recently but we’ve had to continue creating and Menace is one of the results of that constant creating. It’s the perfect storm. It’s the result of two wild bands coming together and creating something that reflects the energy of our live shows. It’s been a long time coming!

Check out the new single below!



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