After releasing a statement revolving around the allegations of Neverkept’s Dorian Cooke, SLEEP ON IT have released another statement to confirm their breakup.

The first statement saw the band apologising for giving a platform to Cooke by inviting Neverkept on tour with them. They said they weren’t aware of “the severity and scope of the situation“, and they take responsibility for “not doing the proper research and and due diligence” before the tour began.

However, not too long after this statement was posted on social media, the band took to their accounts once more. In a longer and sadder statement, the band have confirmed they will be going their separate ways.

The statement begins where the last left off, closing the situation again on their thoughts on Cooke and his actions; confirming again they’ve apologised for their own actions to the victim. They continue to say that “it is best for us and the community” for the band to end. They promise to put their time and energy into bettering themselves and each other, and apologise to their fans once more as they end their statement.

Good luck for the future!



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