Throughout the week, Creeper frontman Will Gould has been promoting a mysterious new project, SALEM, which first unveiled itself yesterday (27th September) online. The introduction event, titled The Apathy Ball, took place on the band’s website in the style of an alternative-themed prom night.

Following from this, more details have been released about the project. The new duo have released their debut single ‘Destroy Me’, as well as announced their self-titled EP which is set to be released on 23rd October through Roadrunner Records.

Speaking of the new single, Gould has said: “โ€˜Destroy Meโ€™ is a really good introduction that summarises the band, it had the right kind of energy from the offset. This band feels like a love letter to a lot of our early influences. Itโ€™s a return to our roots in a lot of ways.

He continues to discuss the making of the EP and the love and care he and Reynolds have put into it: “It was a labour of love for us. Weโ€™re releasing when a lot of kids are stuck inside, or if theyโ€™re not, their life isnโ€™t quite the same. Itโ€™s a way to soundtrack this very difficult time. The power of punk rock is that it helps you forget about the monotony of every day. And life has never been as monotonous as it is now.

Iโ€™ve been calling them sweet satanic love songs. Theyโ€™re happy songs about being in love.

‘Destroy Me’ was released alongside a music video, which can be viewed below!



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