Solo project MARIGOLDS+MONSTERS has announced his debut album ‘Glow‘. The album is due for release on 16th October through We Are Triumphant.

The project is a creation from American musician, producer, engineer, mixer and singer/songwriter Matt Malpass. He has released a single from the album, ‘Falling Out Of Rhythm’ featuring Travis Barker and Tilian. Speaking of the single, Malpass has said: “I wrote this song with Tilian a few years back while we were recording one of his solo albums. It sort of sat on the shelf because it never quite musically conveyed what I wanted. One day as I was working with Travis (Barker) on another project, I played him the demo and immediately he said “I know what this needs” and within 5 minutes he had laid down the drum track, first take, giving it exactly the life it needed. Travis and Tilian are both dear friends that happen to be insanely talented. I’m super grateful to have been able to do this song with them.

Check out ‘Falling Out Of Rhythm’ below!



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