Earlier this week, Holy Roar Records founder Alex Fitzpatrick was accused of sexual abuse and rape. In a statement uploaded to Instagram, two users call for those who are associated with the label to “consider how their affiliations with this may be perceived“.

After the release of this statement, many individuals who were working with or signed to Holy Roar Records have since come out against Fitzpatrick and the label and are working to dissolve the relationships they have.

Mathcore outfit Rolo Tomassi put out a statement, saying that they’ve ended their relationship with the label “effective immediately“. They continue by saying: “We have zero tolerance for abusive behaviour and stand in solidarity with those that have come forward.

Palm Reader, another band who were working with Holy Roar Records, have since released a statement saying they are “currently in conversation” with their team in how to “move forward” beyond the label.

Ithaca have posted they are “deciding on our next steps” after becoming aware of the allegations against Fitzpatrick. They continue to say they hope to “see clear action taken” by the label and that they stand with the victims.

They later continue their stance with their tweet stating “Holy Roar Records is dead“.

Fellow band Svalbard have also spoken out against the label with their own statement. They say it takes “so much courage to speak out” and are sending support to the victims of Fitzpatrick. They also clarify they’re “figuring out our next steps” and will release more information when they have confirmation of what’s happening next.

Renounced have also confirmed they will be moving beyond Holy Roar Records due to the allegations. They say they’re trying to “work out our next move” and will update their fans on what’s happening when something has been confirmed.

On Holy Roar Records’ social media accounts, Justine Jones – vocalist from Employed To Serve – released a statement about a group of staff leaving the label due to the allegations. She says that employees are leaving the label “effective immediately“, and that Fitzpatrick will be making a statement about the allegations himself “in due course“.



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