Artist: Broken Hands

Title: Split In Two

Label: SO Recordings

Rating: 8/10

Words: Karley Myall

Based in Kent, is the five-piece rock outfit Broken Hands. This band sure knows how to piece together a fantastic album that will make many fall in love. Making their name well known in their town and bringing their infectious sound to many stages in the past, continuing to experiment with their sound and bring out insane music. From the pure rock sound, this band represents, but then adding in that indie and that roar grunge essence within their sound. 

Split In Two is one of their anthologies, where you can tell that each song will take a slightly different approach and that’s what makes it intriguing to listen too

Broken Hands is set to release their upcoming ten-track anthology Split In Two on 7th August via SO Recordings. From the insanely catchy melody that runs alongside the raucous vocals, there are definitely many highlights for Broken Hands throughout this collection. Filled with manic instrumentation, high-pitched gravelly vocals and the overall loud and crazy sound that these guys have, it’s pretty impressive.

Split In Two is one of their anthologies, where you can tell that each song will take a slightly different approach and that’s what makes it intriguing to listen too. Some tracks are a lot heavier and have that grunge-infused sound. Some are poppier and upbeat than the others, which shows diversity and gives this band their distinctive sound. Not knowing what to expect as the listener, which always makes listening to it that little bit more interesting. 

Rock has always been a genre that you either love or hate, one that many in the industry take on which leaves room for a lot of competition but also room to excel and power through. Broken Hands have that sound that picks up many styles of alternative music, but they stand out from the crowd. That leads us on to the opening track ‘Can You Feel It’ the harsh riffs on the guitar begin kicking off the album on a high note, as the vocals begin to take the wheel, ranging from a more low-pitched tone but not being afraid to take them notes higher. Adding in that rough texture to the voice, giving it that pure rock essence as you listen with the powerful instrumentation colliding alongside. An excellent way to begin a collection, showing just what Broken Hands have in store for us throughout the rest of the album.

Broken Hands have created a record that lets their sound excel throughout

‘Run Away’ takes a slightly different approach, delving into that more pop-rock essence. Dying down that heaviness just a little, embracing that more up-beat melody and that more cheerful and uplifting essence with the overall sound. Keeping the instrumentation coming through just as well, but tending to switch between that pop-rock element back to their distinctive rock sound. The chorus is one that is insanely catchy and will get stuck in your head within an instant, adding them slightly more high-pitched honeyed vocals. 

‘Wrong track’ is definitely one of the highlights, with the electrifying guitar riffs to get that loud and manic sound started. To the hard-hitting drum beats, as the brassy vocals begin to pulse through the instrumentation. Now, if you’re a lover of pure rock and roll, then this one’s for you. This track is the definition of why that sound is so significant and why many delve into it. Letting that heaviness immerse, letting the instrumentation clash and making sure the vocals push through perfectly and that’s exactly what this piece does. 

‘Thinking of You’ is that one that’s pretty crazy from the get-go, with the blaring instrumentation that intertwines with the vocals perfectly. The overall sound tending to overpower the vocals, but still keeping them more heavy elements. Throughout they strip back the instrumentation and let the vocals pulse through, showing just how incredible the tone is.

Drawing the collection to a close is the piece ‘For the Night’ which again takes a slightly more mellow tone, stripping back the manic instrumentation. Taking on that more soothing instrumental with the soft plucks on the guitar. As the roar emotion fills up the voice and the instrumentation creates this powerful and rather moving atmosphere. This track is definitely a great way to end because it’s different but in the best way. It’s one that you wouldn’t expect, but that’s what makes this band so fascinating. 

Broken Hands have created a record that lets their sound excel throughout. It’s one that as soon as their audience listens, they’ll have to immerse themselves into straight away. The way that each track varies, still keeping that rock essence of course. But, adding in that more grunge, indie or even pop style of sound, to create each stand out track. No matter what when you listen, there’s never a dull moment. 

Split In Two is out now via SO Recordings



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