Words: Karley Myall

Paramore, a band that had such a huge impact on the pop-punk and alt-rock industry. The anthology ‘All We Know Is Falling’ celebrated it’s fifthteen year anniversary on the 26th July, which is crazy. An original four-piece that embraced their emo aesthetic and invited everyone to join in with them, never letting anyone feel out of place and they gathered a large fan base on the way. From the fiery orange hair, the side-swept bangs, oversized tees and their memorable choice of punk fashion, that they all totally rocked. They truly knew how to create some fantastic pieces of music. Paramore formed with Hayley Williams doing vocals, Josh Farro on backing vocals and lead guitar, Zac Farro on drums and Jeremy Davis on bass. 

The 2000’s was an utterly thrilling time for fresh new music, from many varieties of genres. But, one that stood out from the crowd was the alternative scene, then along came Paramore and that’s where they made their mark on everyone’s hearts. In 2005 Paramore dropped ‘All We Know Is Falling’ and from then on it’s still one that many go back to and instantly fall in love with all over again. 

All We Know Is Falling is an album that displayed a whole load of punchy pieces, with the incredible vocals from Hayley who was just 16-years old when this was released, to the manic and electrifying instrumentals and the overall aesthetically pleasing orra they had about them. Paramore taught us that it’s ok to express yourself, to paint your face and cut your hair how you want and to wear insanely skinny jeans, but most important to be yourself and that’s such a significant statement. 

The album sold a total of 405,010 copies in 2009 and completely skyrocketed the charts. Paramore was one of them bands that if you were wanting to experiment with a new style or wanted to begin to delve into the alternative world, they would welcome you with open arms. Their music created an escape for many, where they would forget their problems and immerse themselves into their music. 

There were clearly some smash hits throughout this album, but there were a few that really made Paramore who they were and the reason why many were obsessed with them. One of them being ‘Pressure’. Funnily enough, this actually had a wild ride entering the Sims 2 community and allowed Sims to listen to it through their stereos and sing it in simlish. So, for some that might be a reason why it stands out or it might just be because it’s brilliant. 

From the throwback music video that displayed this visually pleasing punk rock essence. As the pipes break and water begins to fall all over them, bouncing off the drums as they all do some crazy headbangs. Not to mention how the whole sound of the song just makes you want to hit up a mosh pit and dance until your heart’s content. From the thrilling guitar riffs, to harsh taps on the drums and not to mention the dreamy vocals from Hayley herself. 

Paramore is still such a significant part of the music industry, whether they’re still making music or not. The love and respect that their fans have for them will forever live on and their music will always be that escape and they will always be relevant. Even after 15 years, this anthology has that ability to take you back to them days when you were jamming out to Paramore in your bedroom with your hairbrush. Trying to dye your hair crazy colours and cutting your bangs and not to mention the heavy amounts of eyeliner. Or maybe, you’re still doing that either way you rock and so do Paramore. They’ll always be known as the band who took the music world by storm in the 2000’s and created some of the most influential music that impacted many.



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