TINY STILLS have released a brand new single, titled ‘Craigslist Bed’. The single was released through Wiretap Records.

Talking to American Songwriter about the new single, frontwoman Kailynn West has said: “[This song is] about the unexpected struggles you go through after a breakup- the small inconveniences that turn into bigger problems just because you’re struggling to get into a better headspace. Things like making new keys and not knowing what to do with your old ones become an emotional struggle and not just a task.

She continues: “The bed that I’m on in the music video (Kailynn) is a totally free bed that I inherited from my new apartment- and it inspired the first line of the song. Originally I was worried that it’d be gross, but at the time I couldn’t really budget for a new one and so I made the best of it. Turns out, it’s actually a decent bed….Thank god.

Check out the new single below!



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