Artist: Grey Daze

Label: Loma Vista Recordings

Rating: 8/10

Words: Karley Myall 

Based in Phoenix is the grunge infused rock outfit Grey Daze. Continuing to always put out insane material that is for sure to be loved by many. The band has released two previous albums Wake Me in 1994 and No Sun Today in 1997. Amongst them are some of the most iconic and truly incredible vocals from the man himself Chester Bennington. Before the huge success that saw Linkin Park constantly thriving. Grey Daze was born and in 2017 the music industry took a massive hit. The heartbreaking passing of Chester Bennington and with that he continued to leave his mark through his music. Now they come together to honour Bennington’s memory through their eleven-track anthology, Amends which is to be released on 26th June via Loma Vista Recordings. 

Photo credit: Anjella/Sakiphotography

They’re a band that always strives to do their best and always have the ability to excel

Three years later, his former band members alongside his widow Talinda Bennington and some famous faces have come together. They have now completed their tribute to the beloved vocalist and friend Chester Bennington. Featuring Korn’s Brian ‘’Head’’ Welch and James ‘’Munky’’ Shaffer, Page Hamilton from Helmet, Chris Traynor from Bush and Orange, Laura Pergolizzi, Jamie Bennington, Jasen Rauch from Breaking Benjamin, Marcos Curiel from P.O.D and Ryan Shuck from Orgy.  It portrays Bennington stripped back and at the start of his musical journey within his younger self. It’s what shows just how successful he was going to be as he pushed his way through the music industry and excelled in so many ways. 

They’re a band that always strives to do their best and always have the ability to excel. With Mace Beyers on bass, Sean Dowdell on drums and Cristin Davis on guitar. Chester’s vocals are purely based on his original 90’s recordings that he did but the instrumentals and other added elements are all current. 

The opening track ‘Sickness’ which features Page Hamilton from Helmet. Within seconds you’re immediately taken back by the incredible vocals from Bennington. They just completely take the song to another level. With the raucous shrieks in the voice really hearing that pure emotion flood through. The eerie instrumental that flows alongside is perfect, this band nails the definition of grunge rock. They’re not afraid to go hard and that’s exactly what they did in this piece, starting the collection with an insane record. 

Amends is honestly one of the best anthologies to be released this year. If you’re a fan of Bennington’s work and his previous work in Linkin Park. Then be sure to know that this will tug on your heartstrings but in a special way

Up next, is ‘Sometimes’ a rather chilling track as you hear the brittle texture added to the mesmerising vocals from Bennington. A piece with one of the catchiest choruses, that completely cuts through all the instrumentals and lets the vocals shine through. Letting the guitar collide alongside with it’s heavy shreds as the chorus hits. But, letting them smooth plucks on the acoustic come through at the start later. Later adding in the powerful drum beats, to create such an impactful atmosphere. With the overpowering instrumentals and high-pitched breathtaking vocals from Bennington. 

‘B12’ is the highlight of this collection, it’s one that shows just how talented Bennington truly was. With the fast rap verses in the beginning and then flowing in and out to his compelling vocals. Then amping up the volume and pitch and giving it that real heavy and in your face rhythm. It’s one that’s energetic, lively and one that is going to be remembered in years to come. With the variety of vocals ranging  from Chester himself. But not only that the manic electrifying guitar riffs from the very talented Brian ‘Head’ Welch and James ‘Munky’ Schaffer from Korn, and thunderous drum beats that go alongside it. 

Soul Song’ is a real tearjerker and is one that is filled with such roar emotion that pushes through constantly. It takes the listener on this journey through this deep and emotional story. One that lets Bennington’s low-pitched gravelly vocals have their time to shine. But the chorus is by far the bit that takes you back as you listen. Hearing the anger and upset burst through, into this suspenseful instrumental with the hard-hitting drum beats and the harsh guitar riffs. It’s one that gives you goosebumps as you listen, it instantly hooks you in when you hear the moving vocals from him. Adding to that is Bennington’s son Jaime Bennington, who adds his additional vocals. Through a duet that creates this truly enticing ballad that completely adds to the emotion and shows just how beautiful this piece is. 

Ending the anthology is ‘Shouting Out’ and what a way to end, ending a truly touching tribute to Chester and really pulling every track together to draw it to a close. Constantly, having this build-up with the mellow instrumentals and the dulcet vocals from Bennington. Again, having that brittle texture added, as he sings with such feeling. He has this gripping tone that you can’t help but fall in love with. As the song begins to slowly come to an end the heartbreaking voicemail ‘I love you and I’ll talk to you soon’ is played ending it on a rather touching note. 

Amends is honestly one of the best anthologies to be released this year. If you’re a fan of Bennington’s work and his previous work in Linkin Park. Then be sure to know that this will tug on your heartstrings but in a special way. It’s honouring, the astounding vocals from Bennington and the spectacular instrumentals. Along with all the other incredible talent from famous faces we all know and love that makes this such an important collection. It’s something that Bennington himself would be so proud of. Taking you on this journey through the evolution of Chester Bennington as a musician, it’s an emotional listen but one that is essential. 

Amends is out now via Loma Vista Recordings. 



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