RATING: 8.5/10


It’s been nearly two years since we have heard any new music from Currents and three years since the Connecticut metalcore outfit released their debut album The Place I Feel Safest on SharpTone Records. The group’s latest record, The Way It Ends depicts a path of someone spiraling out of control who is trying to cut ties to free themselves. Themes within the record pull from aspects of masochism, hedonism and the impact from destructive habitual tendencies. 

“The place I felt safest was never there at all” screams Brian Wille in the opening song “It Was Never There” both a literal reference to a vast void of purpose and also subtly their debut record. Layered overed sweeping melodies that come in like the rise and fall of tides. Drums echo through the track slowly building, elements of piano and floating isolated guitar harmonics layer what is already an emotionally deep song. One thing that stood out was that the album was kicked off with a somber track coming from a lack of solace or peace. Immediately the tone was set, draped heavy with hurt, sadness, and the mourning of what once was or may have never actually been. 

Musically, ‘The Way It Ends’ is part of the old Current’s we know but also a group determined to head in a new direction

Once the first song ends an onslaught of riffing hits and “A Flag To Wave” kicks off taking the emotions from “It Was Never There” and giving them new direction. Hope from breaking free of what holds you back. On Facebook Currents took to say “A Flag to Wave” is about the search for identity and purpose”. As we go deeper into the rabbit hole the third track on the record “Poverty of Self” immediately turns up the heaviness and rips into a death influenced breed of metalcore.

Musically, The Way It Ends is part of the old Current’s we know but also a group determined to head into a new direction. Brian Wille has doubled down on clean vocals which may divide some fans but may also introduce the record to a wider audience. There are a few songs that include symphonic and piano sections as well as electronic elements including the intro of “Kill The Ache” and the underlying energy of “Origin”. Take for example “Origin” which opens with a dreamlike techno progression that then the guitar comes in at first hitting the same notes then straying laying out their own intricate structure overtop the drum machine. Little by little heaviness adds on, the tempo driving and building. The layering and intentional progression of the song capture your attention, leaving us with a song where the electronic elements aren’t cliche or overused but just right. 

A headfirst journey into a vast and perilous abyss, swallowing everything and everyone that comes near

Tying the entire concept of the record together and the cherry on top is the stunning hand painted album art from Adam Burke, the artist behind other influential covers from END, I AM, Enterprise Earth, Gatecreeper and more. There is an uncanny resemblance to Dante’s journey with Virgil into hell. A headfirst journey into a vast and perilous abyss, swallowing everything and everyone that comes near. It is an awe inspiring landscape, painting the record on a visual plane. Overall the entire album is enough to satisfy but leaves us wondering if there might have been more experimentation of sound that took a back seat on the record.

THE WAY IT ENDS is out NOW on SharpTone Records.



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