Title: Hørizøns

Label: Napalm Records

Rating: 8/10

Words: Karley Myall

Hailing from Germany is the five-piece symphonic metal outfit BEYOND THE BLACK. Taking their infectious sound to the stage in November for their own headline tour. Whilst being the support act for Scorpions in Germany and France. They’ve had many successes over the years and continue to bring a thrilling sense of entertainment to many audiences as well as having their headline tour back in 2015. Along with performing at many of the biggest rock and metal festivals in Germany. Whilst creating some insane music and embracing the touring life, this band are now set to release their forthcoming anthology ‘Hørizøns’ on 19th June via Napalm Records. Featuring thirteen breathtaking, energetic, heavy and truly remarkable pieces of music. 

Hørizøns  has everything that metal lovers would delve into right away

Hørizøns  has everything that metal lovers would delve into right away. From the incredibly enticing vocals from Jennifer Haben, hitting the high-pitch notes effortlessly and not being afraid to show off her wild side with her more aggressive vocal tone. With Stefan Herkenhoff truly nailing it on bass. Whilst, Chris Hermsdörfer joins Haben on occasion with his vocals adding that gravelly texture. Along with fellow guitarist and backing vocalist Tobi Lodes who both come through with their energetic guitar riffs. Then finally Kai Tschierschky comes in with his thunderous drum beats to bring it all together to create this outstanding collection of pieces.

The sound of symphonic metal is something that has this way of instantly pulling in listeners. It uses a variety of different styles of symphonic instrumentation and It’s such a powerful form of music and one that truly lets the metal elements shine and that’s exactly what this band does best. This whole collection gives off so much energy and they’re not afraid to amp the volume up and truly show what they’re all about. Which brings us to the opening track ‘Hørizøns’ this suspenseful beat begins to fill the air as the vocals begin to seep through and then instantly the heavy metal elements begin to take the wheel. As the harsh plucks on the guitar strings begin creating killer riffs, along with the intense drum beats and compelling yet smooth vocals. They sure know how to kick off an anthology with a bang. 

ark, compelling and strong and every single element that is injected into it from the instrumentation to the vocals makes this collection of songs a stand out record

‘Wounded Healer’ is for sure a stand out track and one truly excels in the vocal department.  Featuring a mesmerising duet from Haben and Elize Ryd of Amaranthe. The two vocals compliment each other perfectly to create this moving piece. ‘Golden Pariahs’ is one that gives off this overwhelming amount of energy, making sure to keep that heaviness shining through. In the first few seconds, the vocals come through and then the instrumentation comes through abruptly with the harsh shreds on the guitar and the hard-hitting drum beats. Portraying their symphonic sound throughout as an orchestra intertwines to create this stand out piece. 

‘Paralyzed’ begins with a chant that emerges in the background as the electric guitar comes in and takes on the more electronic elements through this piece. At the start, it tends to take that more melodic approach as the vocals seep through. Then as the middle of the song hits they instantly go back to their heavy and chaotic sound letting the chant power through and bring it all together with the insane instrumental.Coming Home’ starts off with this mysterious eerie sound that creeps up then leads into the suspenseful guitar riffs as Haben comes through with her spectacular vocals. Always ensuring to keep that smooth texture no matter how high she wants to go, always having such a strong vocal performance.

Drawing the collection to a close is ‘Welcome To My Wasteland’ having the raucous screams come through from guitarist Chris Hermsdörfer. This piece is more on the upbeat side keeping a fairly uplifting sound within the instrumentation and high-pitched vocals. Considering the lyrics are fairly poignant it keeps spirits high with the way the instrumentals and vocals collide together. 

BEYOND THE BLACK have created something that truly stands alone and doesn’t follow suit of other sounds and styles. Creating their take on the diverse genre of symphonic metal and truly making it their own. It’s dark, compelling and strong and every single element that is injected into it from the instrumentation to the vocals makes this collection of songs a stand out record. 

Hørizøns is set for release on June 19th via Napalm Records. 



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