Every summer, THE HEAVY METAL TRUANTS announce a charity bike ride; the ride begins in London and ends at Castle Donington, just in time for the beginning of Download Festival. However due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which also led to the postponement of Download until 2021, the ride is taking a virtual turn this year!

This is the 8th year the ride has happened, and the event has been named ‘The Eighth of Spades‘. The virtual ride will see the volunteers still clearing the 175 miles from London to Derbyshire, but the UK isn’t the only country taking part. Volunteers from 34 countries will be cycling the same distance; including the US, Mexico, Italy, Russia and South Africa. Raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, Nordoff Robbins, Childline, and this year’s addition of Save The Children, the Heavy Metal Truants have already surpassed their starting goal of £66,666! After this, the goal was increased to £100,000 – which was again surpassed in no time!

The ride will continue on until this Friday (12th June), and it’s not too late to sign up and help out! To learn more about the Heavy Metal Truants and sign up, check out their website here. Alternatively, you can also donate right here.



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