As we enter the now seventh week of lockdown its safe to say we’ve all been getting creative when it comes to passing the time. Whilst Feeder’s Just A Day video may have been the peak of DIY home videos, but that’s until American pop punk outfit, Stray The Course dropped this new video.

“Between the Walls is about those times when it seems like everything in your life is going wrong, so you’d rather stay in bed all day. When the entire deck is stacked against you, it’s easier to stay in the warm comfort of your own room.” Explains vocalist Ronnie Topyln. “Even though the song was written years before the global pandemic, we feel the message somehow applies even more now than it did back then. We developed this video project in an attempt to help people feel more connected during this time of distancing.”

Check out the video EXCLUSIVELY below, and turn it up to 11!



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