MEG & DIA have announced and suddenly released a mini-album, ‘happysad Remixes‘. The min-album was released through Pure Noise Records.

The record contains remixed versions of tracks from the group’s 2019 album ‘happysad‘; including ‘Better At Being Young’, ‘Dear Heart’ and ‘Teenagers’. Dia has commented on the new release: “One of my favorite things about making music, is collaborating and exploring with other artists. This is one way I learn about different forms of production, songwriting, storytelling, and vision.  There are so many different ways a song can take form – the lyrics and melodies stay the same – but the way it feels can change remarkably.  We have teamed up with some amazing artists and producers, many of them friends, and are excited to share these new renditions of some of our favorite songs off of “happysad.”

Meg continues: “The way that technology is changing music is magic to me. I listen, record, and write music completely differently than the way I used to because of the tools we have available. It was an absolute pleasure having the producers remix our songs. I think they did a lovely job. I was traveling through Rome the first time I listened to the remixes, and I couldn’t stop jumping around my AirBNB, dancing to our music! I’m so excited for our fans to hear how these talented folks have reimagined our songs!

Check out ‘happysad Remixes‘ below!



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