The world has been turned upside down: a pandemic bringing everything to a screaming halt, civil rights movements sprouting up overnight and regime changes hopefully underway behind closed doors. While we are all stuck waiting, the only thing to do is be patient and stay positive. With the global landscape shifting, with all eyes on the United States, the brothers of Remo Drive stands behind our brothers and sisters.

“We stand with the protesters and the BLM movement

“We stand with the protesters and the BLM movement,” shares Erik Paulson. “People in our community are pulling together to push for long overdue positive changes. I am excited to see what the future holds for our state.”

Changes are happening everywhere and the boys have latched on, releasing their newest album A Portrait of an Ugly Man on June 26th, via Epitaph Records. Almost a year in the making, starting writing just last fall, the brothers slowly chipped away throughout the winter and recorded and mixed the whole record on their own and brought very rewarding feelings and results. This album is a follow up to 2019’s Natural, Everyday Degradation and walks the fine line between an organic extension of that album and the growth of the duo’s work. 

“This new album is similar to NED in a few ways,” shares Erik. “There is more of an emphasis on lyrical content than what is to be found in our earlier music, the songs don’t rely on speed as much as they do sturdy construction, and the production is cleaner. However, this record feels very different from NED to us; the songs don’t take themselves quite as seriously as the songs on NED do and the production is more theatrical while the instrumentals are a bit more playful.”

As far as releasing music during the pandemic, we don’t feel that things have changed as much as it may seem

Starting in the Minnesota suburbs, the idea of more of a playful album for the band works well with the fact that the brothers recorded it in their parents’ basement. This allowed them to unwind and take it step by step, wiping away any worries of working with time constraints or unfamiliar environments. 

“When it comes to those metrics, there is really no place like home,” reflects Erik. “We purchased a Tascam M-520 recording desk on facebook marketplace and just started going. Since we’ve been on tour so much, it was nice to spend so much time at home working on music and hanging out with our parents.”

Having such a support network during the entire process makes it that much better too. Along with friends and family, the band had major support from Epitaph Records, who were giving positive reinforcement while also being open to their ideas creating a bond of trust while working on the record. 

“We didn’t have any demos to indicate where things were headed, yet they were open to us self recording and mixing,” says Erik. “Further, I feel that we have become much closer to their team throughout this release process. We feel very lucky to be working with such a kind group of people.”

Luck, however, had nothing to do with it. Everyone is put here for a reason and the boys in Remo Drive have found that reason; to create something beautiful for the world. The tides are changing and the brothers have caught on and now look to see what the future holds. But for now, it’s time to just enjoy the moments while they are happening before they become nostalgic memories.

“As far as releasing music during the pandemic, we don’t feel that things have changed as much as it may seem,” shares Erik. “While touring has always been a big part of our promotion, I think most of our fans come from the web. We are very lucky to be in our situation.”

A Portrait of an Ugly Man is out June 26th, via Epitaph Records



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