When thinking about hardcore and heavy music outside of Europe, it is easy to link all our main thoughts and suggestions to a huge music basin like United States first. Needless to say, this Country literally created (and still creates) the most important acts in the history of the genre, with a even broader underground culture made of labels and fans that really fuels this genre year by year. With tours being cancelled and plans being rescheduled, it is even more important for heavy music listeners to keep discovering new music – and regions where hardcore, for instance, is played – in order to keep the flame alive despite these terrible months. Canada, for example, has been particularly on the rise in the last years, thanks to an interesting new wave of bands that brought their fresh sound from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, down in the States and even to Europe.

it feels really good to be working with people who get just as excited about music 

One of best bands coming from this new music’s palette made of hardcore, metalcore and punk are Mortality Rate. With the European support from rising label Isolation Records – one of the coolest labels with releases from Blind To Faith up to Cremations, along with distribution group Evil Greed – this four-pieced metallic hardcore outfit has been creating its way of playing a dark and personal since 2015. Their latest record, called You Were The Gasoline, added some brand-new vibes to the already overcrowded metallic hardcore scene, with a bunch of tracks that really show the progression of Mortality Rate during the years. The band is re-releasing its first record, called Sleep Deprivation, with a new artwork designed by Madi from Delaware’s heavy outfit Year Of The Knife. We got the chance to talk with Mortality Rate’s vocalist Jess, who confirmed us that after some line-up changes, “now we’ve finally got the perfect group of people.”

As mentioned above, the band has teamed up again with the Isolation Records team for the re-release of Sleep Deprivation, and Jess herself couldn’t be prouder to have the band’s back covered by such a passionate team: “it feels really good to be working with people who get just as excited about music and the whole process that comes along with pressing a record as we do; we are really fortunate to get to work with this label”.The new version of Sleep Deprivation will include three tracks coming from a split record between Mortality Rate and Judiciary, along with a brand new artwork that Madi realized without any previously received indication from Jess and the rest of the band: “we didn’t even talk about ideas, she listened to the songs and she made something perfect every time.”

hardcore is 100% a place for political discussions and that should never change. If anything, we should be louder

Further to music itself, we felt interested in having Jess point of view about all recent events going on in the world, particularly to racial injustices and racism. Is hardcore a way to keep spreading a political vision and a social opinion? According to Jess, “hardcore is 100% a place for political discussions and that should never change. If anything, we should be louder. The world is a fucking mess and there are leaps and bounds of progression that the world need to go through and I fear that it never will because there are so many ignorant assholes in the world who think that they are the ones who are right.”



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