Crashface have come tumbling down our eardrums during a state of turmoil, with fierce sharp vocals and fuzzy riffs that fall hand in hand, they’re sure to peak your ears. We sat down with the London based due consisting of Charlie Hinton (Guitar) and Otto Balfour (Bass) in their first interview available online and found out what stokes the flames that fuel Crashface.

Truth be told, he was like the twentieth person I had asked that day if he wanted to audition for the project I was in at the time

Charlie describes how a chance encounter made their paths cross “I was looking to join a band, then one night in a nightclub I met Otto who coincidently asked if I sang. It was a whole Scott Pilgrim moment.”, but the moment isn’t quite as romantic as you may imagine with Otto adding “Truth be told, he was like the twentieth person I had asked that day if he wanted to audition for the project I was in at the time. After we’d had a few drinks together and a night out, I completely forgot who he was. He showed up in the rehearsal room for the audition a month or so later and boom. We’ve been writing and hanging out ever since.”

They say the bottled-up frustration behind their music comes from “the feeling of general dissatisfaction with the world we live in.”, and that is definitely apparent in their debut single System At It. Charlie explains where that rage comes from, saying “The inequality riddled throughout industries and institutions worldwide played a huge part, but also the routine we are subjected to from such a young age is really dangerous. Go to school, get a job, have a family and die?”

The world can be such an amazing place now in 2020 in terms of progression and opportunities, you want to buy a mansion through being a porn star? Do it

As Charlie explains everyone is pressing towards the presumption that if you don’t follow this model you’re considered a failure, but he adds “The world can be such an amazing place now in 2020 in terms of progression and opportunities, you want to buy a mansion through being a porn star? Do it.”, the world really is at your own disposal and he continues “We cannot let the unrealistic expectations of the past define our future. You’re your own worst enemy and your own best friend, so make your choices in life count, do it because you want to.”

Crashface made their live debut to a faceless crowd during a livestream with good friends Wargasm. They’ve already played in multiple projects in small venues and grafted as a new band in person but debuting online adds a few extra layers with Otto saying “It was a blessing in disguise, I think. We took our time deciding how we wanted it to look, how we wanted it to sound. It turned out to be something that both of us are very proud of… It was completely nuts watching our first gig, while drinking in the back of our living room with our housemates. Who gets to do that?”. Oh, and Charlie reminds us “it’s our first show, and it’s out there forever! FOREVER! You should go watch it if you haven’t.” there certainly aren’t many bands who have their moment of inception immortalised online. 

All proceeds from sales at the show were donated towards the Black Lives Matter movement and other than monetary support we asked the band what more we can do to help, Charlie said “the more you know, the more effectively you can promote change. Learn about white privilege and why it is an issue, look back at the history of racial oppression and how it has sculpted the modern world, and yeah it sounds cliché but be the change you want to see.” Otto really reiterated this point, adding “If you ever feel unsure about how you can help out, then reach out, no-one’s going to reject you for wanting to learn. Yeah you can donate sales, but the most valuable weapon you have against the plague that is racism, is knowledge.”

However, Crashface can’t exist forever purely in the digital realm and when talking about live shows Charlie says “we’ve been really meticulous with how we want to map it out, there’s a lot of extra ideas in there; intros, interludes, all that kind of stuff. We don’t want it to just be “hey here’s some songs okay bye”, we want to make it a fucking experience.”, before continuing “we’re not just two angry guys, there’s a whole lot of planning that goes into this, what we want people to see, feel, and relate to. Also, getting the chance to trial our ideas through the internet before executing them in the live environment is really a blessing.”

From what it sounds like Crashface are going to go from stomping around their bedroom studio with their pals to pounding the floors of London’s underground with the masses in no time at all, breaking free from their digital prison to saturate the floors of every small venue with sweat, blood and whatever other fluid may be slung through the sky. The duo left us with three essential lockdown listens: 

“1312” – Pussy Riot: an absolute rager spawned from the rage of racial inequality and police brutality. Long live Pussy Riot. 

“Spit” – WARGASM: our good friends dropped this tune to incite rage, but more importantly to reflect on the shattered state of the world. Listen with caution. 

“National Anthem” – DE’WAYNE: Another pumping observation on the current chaos we’re subject to, it hits home an important message, but also, it slaps.


FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/crashfaceuk/ 

MERCH – https://crashfacestore.bigcartel.com/



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