Deceiver, the five-piece metallic hardcore band hailing from Leeds, began their journey just last year and have continued to grow. An up and coming band learning the ways of a barbaric industry, facing the many challenges that arise. Embracing their journey by touring around their homeland and putting out their recent EP,  Deceiver has displayed progression and innovation throughout.  

With a pandemic in the midst, it’s been one of the toughest challenges that many have ever gone through. Everything seems rather surreal and the music industry has taken a big hit. But for someone like Deceiver, the current situation has let them thrive and it’s given them the time to let their creativity excel. ‘’We think that some of the stuff we’ve been writing during COVID is some of the best stuff yet. We can’t wait to get this finished and release more music once the situation calms down!’’ explains guitarist Adam Gadsby. 


In April, Deceiver dropped their first self-titled EP, having that feeling of uncertainty throughout the creation. ‘’As a fresh band starting out, there’s always the anxiety of how it’s gonna land, but you’ve gotta have confidence to put the music out there. The best part is when it does, it actually goes down really well like it has,’’ guitarist Michael Stead wisely says.

From the sounds of it they chose the right route as the process of creating the anthology flourished. We spoke to vocalist Tom Bellamy about the overall process,‘’well the EP was self-produced, which has been a massive factor not only in cost saving, but also having the freedom and time to find our sound.’’

From the singles released in 2019, to now releasing their first collection, offering them a lot of time to grow as not only musicians but as people, and them then being able to inject that into their sound. Mike explains, ‘’our pre-EP singles were a way of finding our sound. They were us, but the songs on the EP are a culmination of the efforts we’ve made to try and find that more refined sound.’’ Adam adds, ‘’the new stuff we’re working on is an evolution of the EP. It’s still us again, but we’ve taken it a step further.’’ 

“we’ve taken it a step further.”

When musicians release a work of art, whether that’s an album or a single being able to go and play that infront of hundreds of people, feeling that insane connection as they play the songs they created and getting their name well-known in their local community is what makes musicians prosper. But with the current circumstances, they no longer have the ability to do that and are having to look at alternative ways to gain reception and promote their work. Tom goes on to say, ‘’especially to say that we haven’t been playing shows to promote it, there’s been quite a large increase with our social media and the overall positive reactions to the release.’’

In something as competitive as the music industry, you’ve got to be ready for the ongoing competition that will creep up. By letting yourself immerse into diversity and making sure that you stick to it, not letting others cloud your vision. Adam goes on to say, ‘’It’s like one big cycle really, kinda like what we are like in the studio, but on a larger scale where we see other bands do well and then that pushes us to try our hardest to do just as well.’’

Music has such a strong importance, the meaning behind it is what gives listeners and  musicians that special connection, one they can relate to. When discussing the importance of music, Tom shares his views, ‘‘It’s important now more than ever. People need to listen to music, and have an escape. A lot of the lyrics talk about mental health and the effect that it has on people, and to be able to be an escape and try and keep it relatable is the balance we strive for.’’

“people need to listen to music, and have an escape.”

Throughout the lyrical approach, they tend to raise the importance of speaking up, from current affairs to suffering in society and incorporating their own personal experiences. Keeping it honest, whilst telling a meaningful story. Tom continues, ‘’It’s something that helps me both as a writer and a person faced by issues, by getting my own thoughts out there and dealing with them. In a way it’s helping transfer negative energy into something more positive.’’ Adam adds, ‘’A shift of mentality. That’s what we want.’’ 

When the world begins to adjust, and that ounce of normality begins to sink in again. We want to know just what is in store for Deceiver for the rest of this year. Adam explains, ‘’we really want to get back into playing live. We have one show lined up at the moment supporting InVisions on 20th September. When things get back to normal, hopefully we can plan a proper support cycle for the EP, maybe as a way of winding down towards the end of the year to make room for the new material that we want to release in the new year.’’ 

Deceiver is out now, stream it online now. | WORDS: Karley Myrall



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