With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing isolation around the world, it’s harder now for bands to connect with their fans and build new relationships, Manchester math/alt-rock band Forager has taken a DIY approach to channel their growth and allowed them to take a step back and ensure each step is done correctly. 

In the spring and summer of 2011, the United Kingdom was deep in fashion trends. From barbour jackets to leather riding boots and cable knits, the population was obsessed with pulling off the right style. As they struggled with harnessing their own style, one young lad found his. What started as buying standard band merch at shows and eventually turning into hunting down unique vintage band tees, an intricate web of creativity blossomed.

I remember the first vintage shirt I found; an early Slipknottee in baby blue and I just fell in love!

UK 5-piece Forager is currently working on a follow up to their 2018 self-titled EP and is drawing influence from band member Oliver Lindop’s vintage collection and using it in their merch designs. Although Lindop has his personal collection, the Forager merch collection is a massive effort from all members.

“I remember the first vintage shirt I found; an early Slipknot tee in baby blue and I just fell in love!” says Lindop. Speaking of the distinction between his own collection and the band’s merch, he says :“I feel that my collection is more personal to me as a person.With the limited Forager shirts however, it’s more influenced by the interests and style of the band as a collective. We all like vintage styles in our own way, whether through different eras or niches / subgenres, our current merch releases are an accumulation of these characteristics.”

First and foremost our main goal as a band is to build relationships with people

Accumulation is the key word here, or lack thereof. With the follow up EP being worked on, the group is also releasing ten, exclusive, limited merch pressings for each single. The tough part is encapsulating the creativity of the song itself and capturing it in the merch design while allowing the new EP to focus overall on support systems and personal connections.

“First and foremost our main goal as a band is to build relationships with people.” mentions Lindop. “We’re really trying to push back the idea of bands being idolised and we’re looking to offer people as much ownership over the band as possible.”

  “To see that the graft involved with sourcing the materials, creating the products and discovering the message behind it all is a strong vocalisation of who we are and what Forager is all about.”

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