Last month, LEFT BEHIND asked fans on social media to submit their own in-game videos from Animal Crossing for what they just said was “an upcoming video“. Today, the band have unveiled that video game-influenced video as being a music video for their B-side track ‘Waiting For The End’. The song is a B-side from the album ‘No One Goes To Heaven‘, which is out now through Pure Noise Records.

Vocalist Zach Hatfield has spoken of the new track: “t’s about loving playing music and being on tour with my band but missing that feeling when we first started touring eight years ago and everything was new to us. Like some of our very first tours were so loosely booked we’d be hopping on last minute shows because some of them cancelled and we’d just play whatever we could get on.

It’s also about missing out on things at home. I’ll be on tour for a month at a time for some of them and while I’m home I’m working most of the time. So I’m not going out as much and there’s tons of old places I used to go to closing down, new places opening up. Also friends and family having kids, getting married. I love where we’re at now as a band and I’m very grateful to be doing the tours we’ve been doing. Honestly though, having this break has been great for my mental health. It’s great being able to take a step back and work on other personal goals I’ve been putting back for awhile now. So in less words the song is about missing out. Whether it’s missing the craziness of our older tours or missing out on things in my personal life because I’m gone it doesn’t matter. The feeling stays the same.

Check out the new video below!



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