WACO are a band that have been based on positivity, and a part of a strong punk ethos is to spread that.

So when it came to their latest single, Good Days, it was no surprise that it was released as a charity single for the NHS.

“Good Days’ is a song about going through tough times and having absolute, unshakeable faith that tomorrow will be better. And right now, we all need some optimism. When you listen to ‘Good Days’, allow yourself to feel some of the joy that we’re all missing so badly, and remember that these hard times will pass.” The band explains. “In the meantime, do as much as you can to stay safe and take care of each other. Big up the key workers, and long live the NHS.”

Check out their open letter of applause for the NHS (see what we did there) below:

We wanted to say thank you. 

For getting up with the birds and coming home in the dark. 

For standing on tired feet for hours without a break. 

For wearing a mask that hurts your face.

For sleeping in a different room to the person you love. 

For explaining what you do to kids too young to understand. 

For pitching in with jobs you eer trained for and will never be paid for. 

For being there for your colleagues when they didn’t think they could carry on. 

For making miracles happen with next to nothing. 

For working under a government that would prefer you didn’t exist. 

For the things you’ve seen and done that you might not ever talk about. 

Thank you for risking everything to protect us. 

We love you x 



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