Trivium, a key player in the modern metal movement. After being a band for close to twenty years, writing new music and keeping fans intrigued should come at some sort of challenge, right? Not for this band. Guitarist Corey Beaulieu talks of how their recently released ninth record “What The Dead Men Say” is as important as the bands’ past catalogue “ We don’t want fans to be in nostalgia mode. This is our ninth record and it is already a fan favorite. We want the new music to be as relevant as our old work and viewed in the same light” showing that Trivium is looking to maintain their status, grow and refuse to be complacent and comfortable with the level their band is at.

But they are comfortable in the studio, more than ever. With the recent addition of new drummer Alex Bent in 2017, the band has never felt more cohesive as a collection of songwriters. Beaulieu explains “ When Alex came into the fold when we were wiring the last album, we realized limitations didn’t exist anymore. His drumming ability allowed us to take away any barriers to where we could go. We wanted to play intense fast heavy music again and explore every aspect of our songwriting. We have a huge range of influences and they all naturally came in. We didn’t have to tame the beast, we didn’t have the mindset that there were some things we couldn’t do. We wrote songs we wanted to hear”.


But with such a wide range of influences from the realm of heavy music, channeling everything into one record can be a broad task. But the band knew the two contrasting elements that needed to unite to mold the desired sound for the new record. “We like both aspects of melody and aggression. Melody and madness were the two main factors we wanted to complement each other on this album. Making the music catchy and so intense is something we have always been able to combine successfully” Beaulieu says as he deconstructs the two defining forces within the record.

But standing out from the crowd is something Trivium still takes seriously and strives for on their ninth record. “ There is so much music to hear now by the never-ending amount of platforms to listen to music. Therefore the music can’t be just “okay or decent” it has to be perfect. People’s attention span has also reduced because of this, if they are not hooked by a single or track by track in the first thirty seconds, you have lost them and they have moved on from your record. So we spent so much time making nothing was there to be second-guessed before realizing this album”. Comments Beaulieu, showing that although at one stage Trivium was a band that was selling CD’s by literally the truckload, they are now part of the modern digital climate and refuse not to embrace and have faced the new challenges it spawns with full force.

“we write the best material when we aren’t forced to write anything…”

But people don’t pay their hard-earned money to stand and watch for no reason. Bands have to earn their followers. Beaulieu comments on why he thinks Trivium’s fan base has never failed to develop in twenty years. “We have grown our fan base by taking new opportunities. We have always tried to play to new people and then get our headline shows the best they can be. We are different to most bands and people remember us, we have the heavy elements but can still play to a rock crowd so our music can be accepted in so many environments but hits people differently to who we are on the bills playing with”. So by pushing themselves into the unknown and taking that melody and madness agenda with them, Trivium has never failed to capture people’s attention and with a ninth record that is blowing fans away by the day, it shows the formula does indeed produce success.

“We are already writing album number ten. We will take every idea we have and try to make something out of it. There are some songs on “Shogun” that I wrote before “The Crusade” came out. We write the best material when we aren’t forced to write anything, we try and capture ideas at the moment and then use them approximately when the time is right” is the final comment from Beaulieu. Implanting the fact that Trivium refuses to slow down because they can’t. They are a never-ending force that continually evolves ever so naturally.



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