Releasing a record during a global pandemic is arguably a blessing in disguise. The listener is in a position where they can invest deeply as much time as they please into an album in its entirety over and over again. So, when an album is as excellent as Fracture , the latest Bleed From Within effort, having all the time in the world is far from a disadvantage. Fans of heavy music have been given the perfect escapism record for this summer. 

Drummer Ali Richardson explains how the band was so firm on sticking to the intended release date for various reasons. “We obviously had the conversion but we were absolutely not going to put this release on the shelf due to the virus. It was important that we stuck to the release date we promised. Music plays a very important role in life in general but at times like this it provides a much-needed escape for the people stuck in their houses, which is everyone”.

We constantly have had a vendetta against ourselves to consistently improve

Being humble will take you above the rest when it comes to absorbing feedback. However, making music should never be done for anyone other than yourself. If money is the motivation, creativity pays the price. Richardson explains how the five members still maintain the mindset that they started the band with fifteen years ago. “There has never been an ego in this band. We have naturally pushed ourselves going from release to release. We simply have just tried to release a better album than the last one. We don’t do this for anyone else and nobodies approval outside of our bubble”. 

Showing that self-improvement is something the band values so close to their heart and they have continued to write and improve because of their passion for music. He further explains “We constantly have had a vendetta against ourselves to consistently improve. We never forget what we have learned along the way. This is an evolution and genuinely our strongest work to date”. But having a fire burning within the group means that the future is already looking promising and the band look forward to the next challenge and discovering what they are capable of. “I’m excited for the next album already. We are better at writing songs, we are better at trimming the fat, cutting straight to the point and delivering the message we want to,” exclaims the drummer.

We don’t chase fame, we chase making the best music we can. We are in this for the long game

The momentum behind the band anticipating this release was fundamental to its success. After their last effort was so well received and a breath of fresh air for fans after a four-year break between their third and fourth album. A part of the past Richardson vowed to not relive when making “Fracture” he says “We wanted to move quickly. We knew this five years go. We never had the intention of having such a gap between our third and fourth records. The response to ERA was great and it was so important for us to move forward. We needed sanity. We couldn’t wait another five years before new music was released. The fan base was growing rapidly in the last three years and it just inspired us so much”

Having an ever-growing and indisputably loyal fan base is something that the band is so thankful for. Every member of this band has never been in this for any other reason than a love for music. There has never been a chase or rush to get anywhere, the band has taken every year in their stride and have set goals in mind of progressing as musicians and creators. Richardson comments; “We don’t chase fame, we chase making the best music we can. We are in this for the long game. We have goals obviously, but we have built something and have always taken baby steps. It has kept us grounded and going for fifteen years now”. Showing this level headed approach has paid off.

However, we are still living amongst the current pandemic and a natural progression has somewhat come to a halt. Richardson makes his final comments on being hurt at seeing many of his friends lose income and touring cycles come to a standstill, “What has happened with COVID and within the music industry is incredibly brutal. Especially for crew members. The UK government has taken too long to compensate these people whose income for the year has been wiped out. This whole pandemic has rattled cages and it has woken everyone up to the people who really matter. The ego has been slapped out of people who needed it. Every band is suffering financially this year. But it has pushed us and all bands on how to engage the fans and we will absolutely be on the road in 2021”, showing Ali and the band are still positive and determined to provide an album release the best way they can to complement a truly brilliant piece of work that fans will cherish.



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