Entertaining their fans and themselves while isolating, DINOSAUR PILE-UP have announced a new podcast!

The podcast, titled ‘The Cosmic Barbecue‘, features Matt Bigland, Mike Sheils and Jim Cratchley discussing many different topics in life and stories of their time together in the band. Put simply: “everything and anything“.

Bigland introduced the podcast saying: “YO SHREDDERS!! We hope everybody is still safe and healthy and taking care of one another!! We know these are weird and hard times, and we KNOW how much it sucks that we’re not seeing so many of you out there on the road right now – so we figured we’d try and create another way for you guys to hang with us and feel connected right now.

He continues: “The ‘CBBQ’ will be full of stuff like DPU tour stories, us discussing our journey as a band, general DPU related memories, discussing why being a medieval knight would have been cool, that time Mike died for the second time, why sandwiches are great, how we met Jim and why he’s a powerful wizard etc etc. You know, cool stuff.

We’re kind of just rolling with it and seeing where it takes us, and right now due to quarantine we’re recording it all separately as best we can – so forgive us for the sub $10,000 production value lol. To be honest it sounds pretty cool in my opinion. ANYWAY. Whilst we’re all separated from each other we’re gonna keep on trying to find ways to stay connected, but we think this podcast is a great way to start.

The first episode is already up on all services. Check it out below!



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