Some unfortunate news coming today from CREEPER as they announce the delay of their next record, ‘Sex, Death and the Infinite Void‘. The record was originally set for release on 22nd May, but has now been delayed to 31st July, and will release through Roadrunner Records.

The band released a statement, saying about how many events planned surrounding the album release have had to be “re-imagined and re-thought out” but fans will not be kept wanting for long. The band will be releasing more songs from the upcoming record – and the next one will be ‘Damned and Doomed’.

The single is a B-side from ‘Sex, Death and the Infinite Void‘, and the band are “very excited” to share it with the world.

The song will be released soon; and for those who pre-order the record before 11th May, they will have ‘Damned and Doomed’ sent to them through email. So keep an eye out!



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